Wish To Fish With Danica

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, July 15th

Don and Danica Williams discuss the Wish To Fish program for kids and the Faux Paux Fishing Rodeo.


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And welcome back into a talking at the moment about the nineteenth annual fall pol lodge invitational fission rodeo which is going to be one of the major rodeos across state. I'll row for two big ones a grand I'll talk and rodeo takes place on the eastern end of grand now at the sand column arena full pol lodge invitational takes place at the Venice marina. I kind of two different rodeos. The faux pas incorporate a lot of cash and merchandise prizes grand isle rodeo or so for trophies and bragging rights. Which copa has also unfortunately Khalil bloom who is the director of the rodeo that tournament chairman. He is out of the country were unable to talk with him but we will get him on next week but we do have. Medical Williams joining us from which to fish which plays a huge role. In the full power rodeo or maybe the full power rodeo plays a huge role in which defeatist Danica which is. I'm Monica when it a priority at least on a major role which it statement. Allowing us to come and meet cute Asian or 2000 I think on the wind made before the radio. It's been that they in the keeps growing every year and there are huge a quarter or so ago when it that way. Tell us a little bit of the brief history of wish to fish however got stalled and how long it's been around and what are you guys been due. And it says. Our eleventh year earning earn you know problem. Now Colombian hit about a quarter outlook to count in that they that the mile from acute when they catch their efforts issue. Alec were in the wallet and fisheries that are under a lot of charter cap but it can be a captain captain John Q are there and our opinion our bodies and I think he basically that there has not talk about in and do something so he put together a little bit back in 2000. 56 and on that some people together. And made and so. At what part of the conflict to respect and report with these and growing captains and Beardsley in and put his charm there's an organization called and you'll cops are cute. And and that was the first one that we would tip group tally at fort keep going giants the belt and in the chaperone and we came back here. Does believe it earned in the organization that mean she started crying and she started telling me. You know about each one of that market and where we're at. Batted in and make it up in court today in light and I cannot. Give me of being there. By Klein. And John hale the acting and keep airing calling bill on average and that we've been doing it then. Only part part of that risk using indirect current Q where we pretty much it by any organization. If you think you have an organization. Marketers there. You know put and keep order technique otherwise get that experience and we we invite you to get a call in perm we'll try to put on the other day you know that that. I think it is keeping his back side. And that went through into that indoor recreation marine Aaron and not getting outside as much and a video game. Television computers. And that are at it kick it back at citing. Entity and that the wonderful resources that he can't hear here. Yeah it really is more important than Evan now because as you mentioned because of technology social media. Unfortunately young people a lot of animal losing that that love of the outdoors and maybe it's not losing and I guess you can't lose which had never had. But it's another exposed to a and then and then navigate beloved in the middle Lovett and I'm gonna support it and guess what. I've jobs go away eventually but that's not the most important thing the most important thing is that. You know they lived a life and they get to enjoy something that this is such a wonderful thing once you get involved and I'm sure a lot of these kids. Over the last eleven years that you've impacted their lives are gonna go on and continue what would you do. When they get all the because they've they've become a Solon and damage to it tell us some more specifically what's gonna happen in the coming weeks with the Pope off. We spoke are able they'll be working with you know or you with the miracle the cricket the lot. We have 22 participants come out from miracle league on the win in the fourth or July 26. And they will get in Moreno put in the credit outlook I'll let a chart that Chapman and the senate marina. Look at them efficient for. The morning into the kitchen and in short issue. They'll come package and the freedom ones that editor that being supporter of and making hamburgers on courts now. Aim it at somebody things that there for the for the cute and make it back up the water. And the real thing about the organization that come down and help to enter it. Help the kids have on mom it is going to kicking in and education and they went widgets one and a great time in. An obviously so I've been supporting expert. Along currently have the beat our fiscal cocoa backers in Louisiana describe what paradise you know. Not just this this statement but every event that we do look at the cricket and on television and of course you know they see that there and it's our. And we we go out there Becky Cheney at the KJ or in the morning. Really being. From need x.s you know nobody Peter Kenny with the organization. Everybody there at the content of their heart and they'll weaker there. Everybody how you get this thing together and in the cap hit that we don't like it seats. That part of it will get to see it participant on the on the water check and the patient and that was ultimately you know Chris cart is that Monaro that and and how scary it. The wonderful footage that he has and we get to see. You know all of the fun that they had a on the radiant it really is sponsoring it is definitely makes it feel like we're doing on an election dealing. You know what made and how the return. You know we get. I hope we don't pick it for granted you know that they are not that we have here. The ability that we had to do it don't wanna boot and go out efficiently but we can't on some of the means clinic pack and at and make it back. They'll they'll send letters or emailed to saint thank you opting 90% up update. Thank you currently it means going your vote thank you collect rock your Clinton BO pay it rarely ever catching the fish though Italy you know. Don't vote me in traffic ticket efficient computer. Chip that there. And I. I'll have to be thinking you know wished to say that we have the ability that he's back in and we Lockett and we think it's a great sports to get kicked out and give them experience. I'll tell you what that most of them. Just love being outside and enjoy being out there be on the and it. You know without it or explain. You know I think our captain not their market and it happened around around SP on it and what the president which you would put this together. And and we do and try to get are constantly re money. I look Davis spent you know vote it will try to get the capital. You'll money and 9% of those. Danica take the money back in not that this does not want to take it impacted the kids. Firm it's really important ones are into you know that there if you happened ever been who wish to achieving become a controversial one that every. On at least help make that happen for these kids got to tell you week before last week took. Three of thirty to forty year old kids out they were kids from the standpoint that they would have no experience that would be in the boat that was CNET. And it's just amazing to win they see a dolphin. While they see pelican innate just flip flop they've just why. In flight while we see that every day you know. FM cassette in and I'm sure that that the kids see that same thing will tell us how people in country because you mentioned the captain's. And some of the Janice corporations responses and CCA's involvement without responses. This doesn't happen so what can the average everyday fishermen do feel all the event that that just in two weeks at the. Oh. Well we have we don't only take monetary based on donations reaching we definitely don't take and we condemn any which decreased dot org is good at. Wish to do it. Fish dot org and click on the donate button but if you like to donate old fishing equipment is one of their garage. A quick and that you're having used an errant on earning it like that you'll take it winning put it in the pollan eat at orient I look at it. Albanian. Refurbish equipment put back together believing he's been at the Dick past that you park official market Orval you know a fair reproduction and given that ticket than people that are in need of fishing equipment and make it happen. At La it will not be going to waste issue or. Correct Danica what events if someone can't come down and not going to be in Afghanistan on it now but they wanna help and maybe make a donation either monetary or equipment. Do you have any other planned events later in the some. Yet low income actually in the fall at the Venetian review. Coming up in September. Big Apple will do another take you politic our participants. I'd fishing in. Banesha now right before the Venetian isle rodeo. If people wanna come apparently neighboring will tackle interest ear and drop a ball and do any and there. And then speaking firm time trailer operator to wrap. In a little bit and it it was our bright colors. Amen if you see it didn't get anywhere near Kabul will come pick up the docs from new. Very good and as far as soft family fishing events you know those are great for kids to go to do you have any of those planned or is budget cuts coming. Shorten those up a cut those down. I'm you know we do think the competition they have them get an increase in plant in the applicant to the web site we don't need it to be right and it. To determine we do have some current governor onboard on wanna work in rough and it. Not. A billion billion Billy on a lot of like is it a lot in. On that are coming on board in the next year Q. Really get that they achieved check it whips by Eaton. I'm more to give me a call in that we talk about it but that in the next backing all being looked at amber. And most spot firm you know large. Cat expert pretend to go Latin church better and community on your home. And you get huge turnouts for those of merit populace of one thing I get the most requests for his bank official spots and when. You bring in the truck loaded catfish and put him in in that spot not only stays good about one day of the event it's based good full toll Ketchum. It is definitely big it's growing. Aaron probably the that we keep up what are now on a that the good banker you know we're we're you know or cardinal and keep the keep the community park growing again despite all the call that kernel and Coppola able you know by the Palmer Carroll had one in every. Model of that every parent say in that O'Leary district in. Area region. How about the upcoming though Louisiana spokesman did duck inflation and in the superdome you guys gonna have a Booth there. I'll bet they'll Louisiana department lots of issues definitely have a bit pale the current. There have an opportunity for you fifteen under to go out and Nick Collins at the fishing education clinic on actual fishing they don't have a pondering thing in there but. They'll learn at a time not that you learn and come about boot and eat DP or about fish identification and and it kind of you go to your station in need get the arc on her ear and then in that indicated that he repellent on. Com golf to have that big check in inflatable. And on Saturday's round. 130 to 330 and on April 3330 rock redirect fish will be there cock into. We'll definitely has photo opportunity for a year if they come out he brought a direct patient. Pitchers that. Kabila on. Very good I'll see you at both events we'll see yet this was shown next week emergency announcement of Venice marina can you can we get should come on Iowa this week and a broadcast. And that's our problem. Erica Danica thanks for all the hard work you do well before you go of if someone wants to get in touch with you and driving in camp right now on the addresses on the phone number that would be happy to give it to think in touch with me. But give us the best ways to contact if someone wants to get there organization involved or if they wanna make a contribution. That aspirin and actually we aren't my cellphone numbers partner who wore. Six to eight. 1718. Or email us at wished to finish L a at gotten back. All right easy enough Danica thank you so much in the again thank you follow on work you do make penalties his. Support me on buying season. All right this goes Danica Williams so wished official organization also fishery by now it is the Louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries making its happy at nineteenth annual fall proposition rodeo going to be at the Venice related to get a chance. Make it down there bring a contribution donate an item rod yield tackle law cash is always accepted them we going to be broadcasting. From five until nine and then will make it jump from there and head on over to Lafayette will be at the cajun build. For the Louisiana outdoor expo on the coach will be known book signing them for books of some. Saint Hubert sprints and will be signing those and offering them some very special prices oak mines say hello. I will take this one last break you'll come back from the get some of the emails that came in this week. Also tell you about a super attached and something and I failed to be able have enough time the cover yesterday with. Senator John Kennedy is the modern fish management active 27 team. Very important back to explain it to you after these timeouts on the outdoors. Went on to view program right here on WW well I am 105 point three HD to.