Who will be the next Mayor of New Orleans?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, July 17th

Dave Cohen talks to Ed Chervenak, Professor of Political Science at UNO, about who could be the next Mayor of New Orleans


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Right now wanna talk about the way the mayor's race is shaping up here in the city of New Orleans and help us discuss that. We welcome and professor of political science you know Ed Sherman act capes that's Sherman act. Are there. It's Monday but we'll get through this together hurt her. Friday qualifying closed for the mayor's race and it we did not get any last minute overwhelming surprises. But there was a little bit of excitement ran the last minute when. The candidate who finished second back in 2010. To mayor Mitch Landrieu qualified. Let shortening. The equipment that you can. Give them a shot. How does that. Impact the three front runners in this race. It probably. Effect on me and human effects Wagner wrote it and now the street so that there was correlation between. Corley have. Point eight strong correlation between bag there is broad and try and shall. He'd be cannibalizing each other. So that pulls back narrows down a little bit. And that means that the two front running women have a better shot not only making the run off that may be become in the first female mayor of Newark. There's a very strong possibilities. Have been ill will become the first player in the world people have. Significant cash. Meal and they have very good political muscle behind them and so he would have to make them. I. Which is more likely to who has the edge right now I guess monks. The candidates. In the polls and I think that's so tightly controlled as the edge. She east. Number include an important look at samples that were out a margin there are some rules. They're statistically tied now. But Desiree sharpening has more money doesn't. Yes and a and they both have our name recognition. And so. You know we're gonna find out here who's who's best candidate. Google and LaToya they're containing him in fees and significantly it out there. I'm pressed the flesh and tell us what their plan to deal with these two problems. The city. I don't see that these candidates are really though household names two of the average New Orleans vote obviously those folks who follow politics he reason drank politics. They know. Who Michael bag messes they know Deseret Chardonnay is they know. Who LaToya Cantrell is but does the average voter. Really know anything about any of these candidates and does that lack of household name recognition. Threatened did mean though voter turnout and a lack of excitement surrounding the race. All the polls. Showed that both literally and hazard at about 70%. Name recognition that the Mets that but that's pretty standard in particular and brought. That their numbers were murdered low. You know do they know the specifics of these candidates were there any issues and yet its order paying attention just more going to electorate that name. And and so. And almost certainly won't be much more closely. A big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll do you think New Orleans will elect its first female mayor two thirds of view load voting at WWL that comes say yes. A third say no let's see what our expert doctor Ed Sherman act veteran political science to you know thanks if you had a handicap but at this point. How likely is it the new world until have a woman as mayor for the first time ever. I think it's a strong probability but we still have to wait and see what kind of campaign appearance. If they can. Connect with the voters out there are so. It's easy kind of handicap at that we. You know. Mistake can mean typically happen on the campaign right now so we'll start to latency. Give me a quick campaign we get about three months still the primary what do you how do you think that we can be will be able to characterize this is it going to be slogans and soundbites and quake hits like we are. Used to seeing or with these candidates. Needing to get their names out there and let people really know who they are who we get kind of more in depth plans and strategies from the can. Well certainly that will be slogans and soundbites that they. You know captured people's attention but he and kind and there are there's an effort should be. And these individuals. Be specific in the world a number of machines public safety infrastructure. And such so. They're going to be a number of forms going to be all over town attending these forums and so people need to ask our questions about. What they're gonna do. If they become mayor. Do you see any reasonable way that we do not have a black Democrat is the next mayor of New Orleans. Well we'll lose democratic city. On the Phillips but it's not really apartment kitty and so certainly a person. And the only the white candidate who has any name recognition is francs girl locked. A businessman does she have an outsider's chance of edging into the runoff. It's hard to see how he second tier starter candidates. Who thought the way. Anything oh and note shall become presidential in the heat in the. There were a couple of Donald Trump is president we rule nothing out in politics anymore at this point and his stand where you really think is at this point if we were to have the Election Day which obviously we don't but. If the election were today we think would make the run up. That would probably be to try to control it does a lecture. Really you know it's it's two women in the runoff. Based on what we know at this time. Basic element of the you know name recognition. The patient and have the bulk of the money. That. Which let you know that's a fairly decent profile in the car should the City Council representing districts be. In Germany at. Gets. Welcome her name is royalties and should be sold tickets are some tensions well. Sidney Torres who made his name picking up trash and make in the French Quarter smell Lemony fresh decided not to run. Premier of New Orleans on Friday but he did and I just saw the commercial on television in fact three minutes ago. He has this the voice of the people analytic and put political action committee. And he says he is going to try the best he can to make sure that the candidates for. Mayor addressed the issues answer the questions and he's gonna throw his money and whatever political weighty as. In day helping people pick a candidate how does Sidney Torres figure into this race if it off. Well. As you mentioned in the four pack and what he's gone and do my understanding that. Had a fairly it would be selecting candidates are fine candidate can beat financing. Studies. Policies of the issues. It examined more of that structure though our. In other cities and states and then hopefully. It's a little policy test here so it's going to be much more issue and outs and the Kennedy Center. Does it. In my impression was that tourists probably realized he was not likely to win the mayor's race at this time but is he now building his political. Background so maybe can make a run for mayor or something else down the road. Will I'm you know I don't know what his intent is to be. But he certainly wants to play a rule. Seeing you know as efforts to. The first quarter both literally Harlem and of course given the current situation so. At that point and be content to be in that group which you never tried to wondered centering. Thank you so much for joining us that are on WWL. And help and as early take an early look at this mayor race and over the next several months will be talking deal whole lot more about it ever great debt. Are you.