Whats coming up at the movies?

WWL's Dave Cohen and David Blake discuss the upcoming box office.


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You are out Friday and yeah I stack Chris Miller made a prediction that Spider-Man. Would remain atop the box office for a second straight week I would have struggled with that but I would have gone where it's because of the bothers. That it was great great great I would have gone with the plan the VA yet he had a difficult time predicting. But you would have been right war of the planet of the apes took 56 and a half million dollars in ticket sales of Afghan. Spiderman took in 45 point two million group coming in at number two. In the weekend box office usually summertime is when the critics hold their collective noses at the dollar's role and but this year's these appears to be good movies. Now are coming and yeah and making a lot of money both Spiderman and warm the planet of the apes pretty popular amongst the critics get some new ones coming out this week. Dunkirk. Including Tom hardy and cannon on whether it looks right up my Alley allied soldiers from Belgium the British empire Canada and France surrounded by the German army evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II. Getting great reviews. The Larry in and the city of a thousand and it's also opens its PG thirteen rated action adventures scifi. That. Correct about it teen audience and filmed right here in New Orleans among the other movies opening this coming Friday. Girls trip. Where Queen Latifah dictated Pinkett Smith went for lifelong friends travel New Orleans for the annual essence festival. Sisterhood that rekindled wild sides are rediscovered I've bat and this is not dance and drinking brought him romance. To make the Big Easy blocked shot clock our old boy and I are out that I remember there were hair they're right downstairs filming yeah part of them lose you know in the lobby of here on pointers says that's what we have to look forward to at the movies.