Talkin' Guns

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, July 15th

Don, Gavin and Devon discuss issues and firearms products.


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And welcome back in the talk and guns and before we broke I don't know if you heard this story about. The latest defense for the murder of Kate's finally take Stanley was a beautiful young woman now on the West Coast that was killed. By an illegal immigrant who was deported I think five times kept coming back wasn't an oval wasn't analyzed. Got a hold of Ghani stolen gun don't remember the make governor I believe that was oh clock if I'm not mistaken might have been another Bryant. But any rate his defense attorney is throwing up the defense that because this gun has a history. While on going off on its own and being effective that his client is innocent. Part of a locker ridiculous. Defense is being put up before but I don't think Ella anyone out Landis is this Samie did begun actually caused him to steal it. Into the gun forces to put it in his hand in the big guns and force seemed to point and at this young woman in killer in the fall is all arms that she died. You know. Going to be really it's it's in the C along metals. Yet sometimes chases and throughout the house without warning be careful. Yeah like a solemn the problem nowadays nobody in the future and build it. Oh thanks thanks fifties are gonna work. Written thickness of the group a couple of immigrant parents or grandparents vote and it was a different brick and people were accountable for preventive visited you know and our. Doctor ordered two different problems and it's charming you know come. You know I think we're almost. I'm not gonna say were on the verge of civil war but in this country is sold divided right now thing in my life seen it is divided because. If you look at our circle of friends your customers to people you're associated with a the wild pretty much to solve up into the midwest people have certain values and ethics in the course is always exceptions. But you don't know scolds. Extreme East Coast northeast. In a nominal Wesco that's different that's like a different country. But it did world yeah. And I don't know if we can ever get all these people together you see it extends in the Washington DC. I mean you get Democrats and Republicans conservatives and liberals in the mean that they're on opposite ends of the plan. Early I think a lot of we we talk a lot. About we need tort reform and and for loan losses and they'll like that that we get a blowing it because of that bush and propose a change. That's where would stop but the bad thing is you always find time it takes. Think it is like and name gambling money and do well. Took the bullet Rex would be on the someone you know everything and everybody else's responsibility. For natural and there certainly won't. Run. Well it's job security didn't really all three of us need to talk about it and then Devlin to sell the merchandise and Gavin you know provide the proper training for people and that is not going away in fact it's a growing industry. And if you would maybe talk a little bit about you know concealed carry just are on safety courses the variety of the type. Of training that you offer over there at the Gypsy issues. What we do that permit class quote open and be at least every Saturday without fail. Our mile doing under the age that we keep these. Is what you're a couple of people and it's going to be more more on big a couple of people. Kids that the big and it taught me a home. Probably the most common collapse right now like I proposed to move and I think in in his cheek yesterday I can't remember. That the principal. Cause that's causing the car here I'll schools around. That the basic safety class. Mostly because most people aren't that they've really don't know were pitching Monty B even guys expecting. That Iran could be so where do it basically equal it's is that you know in the classroom. Would they live oh record collection should you do blue road and slow. You know Arnold blew the call. There is still on the matter work with the in the back mama somewhere and north betrayed that I don't that realize that lose their movement attention and need to keep myself that by state. But it has been down 02 how everything works. Let me make them understand the process so it's not so much of a mystery. Concrete and through basic marksmanship. It in the room with the one that most people you know the biggest indication so protests engine blew bubbles like composition. The majority of people buyer. And now days which there. I think to you know basic marksmanship cruise control I was Angela and normal. She. Also is it common for people were picnic are now they trying to achieve good. The big occasion a couple of the problems then really predict to do it. And yet tread lightly with that somebody who you opinion. Easily of the way and like we had yesterday you there on that there are between courses. Book so that's our own accord the world of 500 than what's been. Or reported war opponents scored or Magnum model playing nine years. Not a good to know that in a nutty to me to you when it suited now this. I would call thought of a woman is not going to touch it you know you never get back but it. The noise for a well let's bring DeVon it DeVon when somebody comes in and they tell you they won a weapon for concealed gallery where do you stop them and in offering. The options. We all wish that we we do our best friend and again have been. Not just because of the the no financial reason that portion of should typical. Shot makes money is true in. It's too. Stop the next step of the confrontation that would achieved by ago and the 44 Magnum that are as ordered by. She's gonna come back in three days which is going to be your set the order just the way it works. And so we. And you know in the long indeed on. Opel. Well it jumping on you can't return our that it should against the war you can't you know we can't give you have gone through we. And then you common and we give your money back and go to art show. But not the way it works for an hour and a roll all prosper. Rotate guns and or. And willing now. So we can do that unfortunately so. We and so become in the wrong that we usually you know it's wrong government puppet government that are described in that they won. The guns from people on the amount of late competency one. Then they era. Afford reform mag number. And Chinese you know what you think is cute when you go addition cheese and made it and you know we've been during the long enough to Reno which are community and which should probably. Something close to a so when you don't take our advice in the Bible and go on to another. Uncomfortable. You know position and I want you to come back in a what you the comeback and the courage which like charred by it and you know it would open it was in the bank that would give you right. And permission. But like you know what in the videos that goes into that. Recommended by the 44 Magnum because that's what the plea and her you know on the hunt and other brother or opinion and the government and it. And and both wired back from them. But you know what their facilities these now we are so at a price that someone else will abide. So. Or they get much less money for you know you're revelers were caught and broke a couple of anymore thought back to a dealership of the Asian record. It it's huge you know. So we recommend and the word through all of that goes and the fifty. Feet. And on exactly what that word there and in particular class from Gavin is the class debate knows. And that basically the and you know great. There were admitted just to give you for you know explain and the people were gonna happen when they take it like it well versed in America Padilla and that the great Barry require you're gonna shoot and you're gonna be on. Where users and farmers six short or a thousand dollars were murdered. I'd much better investment. Than just. And just finally get nothing in which Ukraine should where it would looks cute. You know or something and. And I'm you know I'm in the little bit different position than those to mean it is so and so become a new one or jealousy. They have no real pleased we can policy goes well in in Indiana at the bottom line. I mean didn't do this you know film you know that's and so that one not go like this one isn't an hour by apple view I would show his commitment your own or there but it. You know and would that. Would we we can ignored art is where you'd be. The guys. That were poor guy who's been a buyer small creating market as well. A while locals there and sticky or particle to stick it down apartment gluten is expected to the gun out and Schuettler and I've been. We've been Europe's nick if not impossible. We have yet today though Thursday. Who could it and repeat news and it's way too big for the go on an uncle that triggered that and the group I'm with it and and back there was no way. And yet you keep it. And good mandates across but so well. And that's good news yeah that's great and unique from knowing what you would regain the ability to house. And both. Yeah but it hit my pocket and oil on them. Right I would just take a break quick comeback. Wanna talk about. Good and bad in the concealed carry. Permit training industry Gavin all you know this good bad and everything. And just like. People shop of firearms and they shop for clothes and everything else cause they need to shop around and and look at what they're getting into the gonna take a class and pay good money. To get a concealed carry perform like Gavin century who is a concealed carry permit a trainer and with chips and shoes clubs Weathers and Gavin. Shopping for someone to get cute concealed carry class done and all the papal Warrick Dunn. What should someone look for when if the shop around. Probably now and again by. Moreover one bit look at the class wind could be amortized by state law. We we have to go nine now you know nova like gave people live and take it really good which annoyed that the law that. You can find two. Or girls that they you know award migrant Le who beat you by about. Those guys are ripping off and is much as people fail to do the right thing four at the time. Look through the vertical plane come I would say look including stroke drew little bit. You know sometimes it won't do. It years. We all have in low stripping him Wednesday. Home might want ill quote me ancient animal hadn't seen in North Pole all my industries that and I think now. We were up to lose 16100. Which is way too many. Most of these yet you predictive animal and it happened in. Country's seventeen they knew existed inspire them in Europe in 2010. Doesn't 2000 and we and well owner strippers. And Sandler or yeah. Oh yeah and despite what everybody is it. Dale back into things that they mimic million dollars we get toward equal people and critics. That and you know it doesn't currently. A home but in this background among them guys and to have because that Clinton and and yet but they they don't like mainly into the match you know. I am a month ago. I indicating thanks going to what was going on there today in their order book to read and he would certainly that would didn't mean intricate. It's been today are happy you know if I don't know which you know would qualify most of them too. Who would they think quote it is they spent three years in the army or they spent who uses a cop went in and been around go public. As I would a little bit in usually they get into their own reasons and more cars to get into it. And so and so on their motivations so slow warmup period making out. But like party. It. Not occurred joke for. And you're saying all of those people. And it's true steadily. That most people through a typical you know refined one that's a little cheaper and that's an hour and a half for two hours. War you know I think about the it took somebody and not the end result is that it's apartment security now are kid that I get that. You know you're given some money money source or as I would think you know one day it or it and to promote and that should be at the law. What to would want it to be you're you're departures during the Q and you know centralizing control and on the person. Would wanna do it. You know the best experience that occurred expression in Arabic print money in them the money to the stage you know not cheap. Also die just bought a gun culture money. You know. Cut on the right thing to do. To get. You know that it should be you changed in that way we definitely that you go on and. And and privileges. Are. But most people wouldn't those in we something about it because fingers. When it come begun ego and landed in and everybody knows everything that there's some general. It is included orbit in the mobile. You know and this most of course investing. I'm kind of garden and a we keep people in their pocket horrible it's horrible what they tell people. They typically. PowerPoint reopen it one bit no. Interpretation of anything that they think it stage instructing. But I do trigger taking much information and the button for the nuclear and they then people around the world and it's frustrating becoming violent and it questions will. We can't bring school. We they're very some of Harvard dangers as well. The heckler credit look at them it's exactly what I saw and you know when they're on movement this week in their own. You what's frequently. And lately but this goal late in the week at all change. Well you know the turn at two things I think someone should come away with and if you agree most important number one is safety on handling of our own. In number two is inflammation on the legal use of that on that to me those two things right there. If they come away with good training in those two aspects the rest of the concurrently but that's which the basics. Think that if you're not indicated nobody gazans some basic although law. And you don't know where I know you carry anything on your person you ever thought he should go back and talk to Libby to pick our own men. Make a marine that would be a money back into the open because that that's what's gonna get control what you just said oh you can learn later. Ride you know one other aspect I want to comment today on just before you came on yesterday I had. The senators John Kennedy. And he got criticized by the mayor of new wall and it's because he's trying to intervene and bring up some some good -- fought very good suggestions on things that could change and turn around the crime situation in the city wall and in one that he was real strong on his lawn I really believe in his stop and frisk I think that's extraordinary tool to be able used. And right away the text message board blew up with peoples and are they going to be racially profile on it you know a black man. You don't understand we're going to be stopped and all this kind of stuff. I just wanted to tell all Massoud you know if you can't put up with a little bit of aggravation of being questioned about whether you have a far on. If you dude do you have a permit in order to save lives. And stop all this crime with that in in the negative impact of this city's tourism industry. And just general fear that people afraid to walk the streets of new laws. Is that too much to put up with this has to be asked to do you know spiral and if you do it like to see it. It's incredible how many people want to resist that because I don't know what they think is gonna happen to all. I gladly be able a child Chirac at a party here it is right here you know and go Obama business what's the big deal. You get checked everywhere are she go try to get on airplanes anyway map. And he can't I don't personally. Spam for words we're appeared in the in the early nineties there were 2000 when things really control. They do girl they jump on people every night everyday. All day everyday. You know doesn't solve crimes. So beleaguered because it would use it to people below you'll do to catch and you know one of the game. You need to keep. Balloon but I'd been equal in trouble Brandon Morrow and been around that this could transport. I don't believe him as we could end of the Clinton and be buried in what they're popular but. In a letdown he works. Most of that was bitten I think it because he's been probably do that forty years educating people. Not to look the part of the country but everybody has to do what they want to do without any kind of consequences nobody goes to bat you know there's no. There's those that. An addict and that really fit in the sense though. Belonging. Verses individual right which Reynolds important news but it might make sense that. Dick you know and that. Topic we all get the message and on and like that that tag on along too if in fact we did have fun on. Safety training for students is also all a little section of that dedicated to how to behave don't police. I think that would mean going incredibly long way I think people have the attitude of you can't stop me why you ask me why you use in and you know you don't edited a guy yeah you got to look at it from the guy news who's on the other side of that what he's faced with what. I'm actually I can see them doing. That nobody stripped the constitution you know people that they did that citizenship that they do. Could have the people mourn the people you're ever out there in the into the quality of net read that declaration and anything. Stop and won't point 120 and they immediately become a constitutional power and we lost. That we are we right they think they and the other. And who you know and I'm that they may be been written. And acting on this that our role more as well who work in there and you like he but. They. Haven't if you would we gonna get ready to take a break we'll come back and you wanna be in the views what are we going to be hearing from Ruger. There we we spoke to go to Rupert great utility agreed customer service. They have. A couple of toward teachers who spoke to order a longer than they came out issues that you they've revamped. Priscilla top government movable direction I went there strategy can put pressure on the very caught the vision. My own one personally have a note Kevin but there's from a you know and I and the crew yeah it does that. You go and yet regarding these you know Ruder pointed to rightful. They're you know a great guns and it's anything ever happened yet and questions rumors incorporated. Great companies. The talks that are great people are. Which is which is not easy this. For all of the manufacturers in the industry right now which is kind of but but all of arm and a great stuff. We did gun part of the month through them. And though he portion of them all month long that yeah the boat connection. Talk like them both actually. Notable connection point to it that are equipped to where it's easy to put an optical on it and it started first of Cutler. Which Israel renounces. And it was important that we depend on Alberts Weinstein Howard. She winds to. I think he Tom but the pig that. Unfortunately it's female band though. But again you heard your Parra and I didn't you can hear it think about it don't operate in the I'm sure you come up with some that will be arrive back nevertheless the with talking guns were talking pigs we dock a lot of stuff. AL its member Erin from Jefferson gun analysts. Here to talk about the product of the month. This month we'd like to talk about readers American rim fire. But to against the shop all have purchased the American rim fire we know local their extremely accurate rifles wilt writes. And today we have more earnings from readers here to tells little bit about it I don't work very well Matt you excellence throughout Texas stuff but. The Rupert American rifle you you wanted to short history lesson we actually started that out as a way to try to reduce cost on the Hawkeye. In the hole we dug into it we ended up with just an entirely different platform guns we have two centers are done it worked well and really was not. Price point on it was a gun full of features that happen to be done at a low cost. Approach. So then if we do work so insofar whenever prior to start over the group American river fire as all right let's see if we can make the best done that we keep him. But not put to break the bank in the process. So we have called him a pork barrel we vote. This this single lot of action that is very rigid. And really it's an outstanding reactor down I haven't got ancient. Amal 37 that's twelve pound target rifle that was bought relief for the three position shooting and its it does a wonderful gun and I put. My. Room our group American front right next to it an issue the same size groups things as emblem six on the same day so. The remarkably accurate gun in full of features so. One of the bigger things that's an important vote this week have module stock system it has. He he stuck system that would just both length of hole in home height by replacing a module on the back. So it if he's using the iron sites that a supplied with him which who talked about and you can have a local if you going to mount. Those topics like you can use the article if you go to smaller should be included short module if you vote a larger shooting in the long modeling in combination their own. So talk about the sites we the city. Fiberoptic front that is still in the square posts he demands Crist site fixture with the the fiberoptic rather than just beat Barbara to block the block sites like we have fully just oversight and it seems like this on 1022. And the and the receivers drill and tap for pieces that are also has the tip off grooves but he did the receivers well. Of course it's a magazine fed guns and what better magazine took to running an attempt but he is that was one of our first taxes ever run it and put it it's. So it only that the ten round but you also looked at fifteen or the 25 round match. Those big draw for me to sign purchase it is now units and there's been a lot of first right. It's right side and hangs him. And tank safety just like the Ruger S American summit fire. Very convenient post put it. And want things that you just kind of thought we all we wanted to make it a nice to run. And you notice it is a he very high polish glue on the barrel it is absolutely gorgeous it right and in yet it's not. And expensive gun. So. And as of its polished right on the Lee and an automated systems over some very well here roughly you right. You know they are a little bit more than 1022. So we know about 400 bucks and you can probably get change from. Now and then after we get going you know that detective. Sponsors are just so popular that we put it threaded model to every gun that would make on this platform. So no reason you can't fix this amounts to a just like our newly announced the results are that anything. One that if she's expressed on these guys. Expressed. As a lot of fun introducing that and once you start shooting a suppressed guns for you just don't wanna go back so many good reasons to do it. You'd including at teaching youngsters to ship in introducing them to the sport you know it. Recoiled means different things to keep the visit to muzzle blast and report and it which was that lava to a youngster can be so that system to another good reason themselves. And their legal in 41 states and great for small gains and yes happy yes it. And kitty tomorrow listeners where they can view this as your products that we we have a huge reps website brokered dot com there's a whole lot there. And just if you stick with a but he threw it you'll find everything you wanna see is specifications videos there. And also you can come and our listeners can come into Jefferson pilot and handle on which area of full line of the American. Rifles series rim fire ants that are fire. So again guys that's Ruger Americans are also rifles great for or. Target shooting taking in the woods students on the excellent excellent rifles highly recommended by all the staff. And mark thanks for coming out doctors and document appreciated thank you. And none DeVon it was a surprise just a great job training young men he sounds good. Andrea Jaeger on the stand. I look falling too far ahead. A lot of times we we talked in jargon in the even though things come naturally sometimes normal self explanatory a lot Tom audiences in the dark on some of these terms. Explain the difference between rim five cents. Worker Garnett. At a love that one that's ago right now when them. And it goes over empire is good referred to you or you're 22. Yours seventeen each Amare. And you're 22 Magnum. Albert is that. Our initiated by contact of the rim of the casing that's something that others that they'll the five. So where and that's never an average of point you. And you go to the range when you're done pick up one of the casings. That you shy. No I noticed that then firing pin as struck the rim of the casing. Make a project Argo it doesn't have a banner. It doesn't have a senator. And a primer I'm calmer than in the in the primary so you're this year buyer cartridges you know nine millimeter or forty most of you know that the cultures it is in the caliber urgency other than all of them and 1722. Point two Magnum are going to be senate so they have their primary and you can it looked in on the back the project the back of the bullet. Behind the project that's a little circle and that is been the prime what the pint in it. To you know. Start the sport that there might trigger and and expose the ball would go. So senator pars in they censor. Primer that you can be considered. That the government to protect. Explode it to start the reaction and rim fires going you have power that in that case thing that they. The whole back of the the the cartridges Ghana have. We will have primary it's the back of the cartridge anywhere on that ram. Current mission to go walks and those can be reloaded. Because you can't take you'll primer out and sticking Newman and there's a whole casings of pullback in the casing. Get. That they can be struck. It's hard to explain. Have a diagram or something in the city. But usually devoted to both the 12 and nine millimeter or NGOs and our policy. A primer on the back of the senate far. Cartridges and that's what the farm and hit that. Initiate the reaction. He did an excellent job explain the difference out of there but I don't know I think it really did. I've got a question for Gavin though. Rim fire rifles. They'll lied it's known as planking a lot of people like he's the target that fund to shoot low recall oil. The ammunition is relatively cheap you can shoot a bunch around unlike. Well you get a big nine millimeter a 44 you don't even enjoy shooting issues and make sure that the gun is his functioning properly in it she you know you becoming pretty much proficient keeping your graduate. But these guns are made to be fired a lot where do you suggest people go to do. It. And or the whole board so you probably radical issues. Everybody applaud. But I. Didn't normal by they blow by and cute and on the that are not that big DeLia on that point by the arts. You know what it's great to bring kids out there. Somebody membership before a little bit exposed to. You know who beat a marker that they bought. Home of the net and without the awards. You know there's a blow to your article you are open with a whether they're a it probably better kemba the court because reality T and friendly people and critical the innate. And not Devin what is the cost of 22 ammunition these days or seventy. To. Kind of expensive but according to which is remote key question is it going to be congress fix those Earl Clark the if he. You know it's going to remember Pakistan because it was queries be expense quarries between one and you know Bach and saying. Insane that we had played together in the stores. Like we are stoked in judo. And and and have been at 79 could be cheap cheap. But we still haven't contingent of people don't matter much for well that's why you don't have any that never gonna go to the go again. Right where it again. Where to quit hours each new community. Argue that this car. It's not like gasoline is not gonna go up and now it's. Now it's hated fitted from fruit to Europe for the on the Lebanon right now Brooke you know between then and book a box dependent on the graded ammunition and you want and are you went just what are on commit our these are so that coded thing. And proper or something. But does that dutrow can be an expensive. Now depend book report that the. Two good product of the month the gun truck the month the route 22 up probably as many of those out in circulation is any of the five home always a favorite of America. I'd guys that's got to wrap it up thanks again for a great show DeVon and Gavin now you guys to get the work over at Jeffs and come out and Jeff's shoes club what time you going to be dead DeVon. I've heard Jefferson gone outlet we have new hours there where deduction and I'll now open on Sunday. Jefferson and ordering is now on the Easter and an outlook open from Monday through Saturday from 10% of them. And Sunday from eleven there and Jefferson and lowering of contention to eight. Monday Saturday and Sunday. Is eleven at six as well on yeah 1111 fixes well and and shooters club is open every day except for Monday. From chin. To start from eleventh as. I want tell our brain and the brain is common in the trying in his comments he yelled next week.