Is the Russia story a major issue or a distraction?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, June 19th

Tommy talks with Richard Benedetto, Adjunct Professor of Journalism at American University, about the politics of the Russia investigation.


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Richard Benedetto joins us right now are stranded adjunct professor of journalism and American University. And retired White House not correspond to good to talk to again Richard. Your take on a Sunday morning shows and what's going on the White House. Well you know it's just more of the same and doll this cacophony it's out there. Did you start to wonder whether the average citizen I'm not talking about the inside the beltway crowd put people. Places such as New Orleans and Louisiana. Whether they're turned off on this stuff now or they I think pain daily attention to it. It's gotten to be some knowing he would soak the confidence that Eugene you just have to wonder whether the people that are. Following it like like we in the media file. So like he had a machine shop next steal home. And when you first move in and aggravates the heck out of you then. After I don't even notice that. It hits it's one of those kind of things for people again will now. Let it go I was talking to some folks over the weekend we're not to directly politically 10088. States talking about that they just turn off. It is the way here anymore because it's just it's just it's to be true to look too much and they feel they feel they're being bombarded. One you know there's there's things going life and they just want to relax a little bit. I I tell you I am Richard I don't know you know Telus of you don't want but it. I'm just at the point now where again I agree with you which just white noise and lectures let the investigations proceed. And see what happens does nothing's gonna stop the investigation nothing's gonna change it unless the president goes crazy and does some than way way out of line. I say just wait and what C returns out. He did you know that this about the saints playoff mode that there's so many things going on right now and they don't need to play out. But it didn't meet you wanna cover every little ticket cattle that comes along and try to spend in the weight against you kind of to kick you kind of angry. You know it's almost as if they're trying to churn up that kind of anger at a constant basis. President just go out there and report the news. As is excellent and you know I think I. He expected by earliest days as reporters of total reporter covering. Mayoral race. And to and people would ask I editor risk in the morning what would indicate the way they can do is going to do Tuesday. And you'd go out find out what they were going to do what you reported with dictated to that you didn't get too much too excited about it misery scuttled some of the election got a little closer. He covered a little more intensely but he just was not. Constant constant constant. Trying to drum into people's heads something big is going on here they can figure out themselves. Is that an attempt by the media had to. Pay to say drive the present and out of office but some. Is is it that there is a 24 hour news cycle or what. It's it's it's a combination of those things I think there is as there is a mentality out there among media. It is group that says that it's a good vehicle here is not to inform the people as to what's going which is what are job. Is the angles to Japan which followed entities he deserved victory depressants it is a victory if they can get him on the seat as a defeat if they don't. While anything when and Richard for really GO. Well I think to I think that's what it said here is that it is very selfless thing it needs to be thought about you know what the role of the press release is. And and I insect is so long time reporter who earned the old way when I called Eagle Lake. Of doing being a reporter. You know and the readiness Atlantis stories told by itself. And fooled by itself. Risen pushed to the project we just need to. Suspect couple of steps. And report the news and I'm make it. Used to be that way thank you Richard appreciate your time. You too Richard Bennett and now adjunct professor of journalism and American University retired White House correspondent. And I'm with him I'm just at the point now where. Every little twist and turn is not even a twist and not even a turn. And it's time that yes take a break and less again the president does something way. Out of line. And just let the investigation proceed you know he and scream want about the Democrats are there is Bob Mueller at that. The president met I just think Politico because the truth to come out.