Puglia's at The Sportsmans Show

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, July 15th

Anthony Puglia and Don discuss the upcoming Sportsman's show in the dome.


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Now walking into our third not actually Al fourth and final hour of outdoor coverage on Saturday mornings treatment Saturday year from. Seven and and we call it more outdoors on next week will be having on fish talk about coming home we have Keith last year when Julia by you'll be on things can be talked about three topics would be talking about. Along Louisiana's answer to Bonnie and Clyde also be talking about some strange case that have been showing up in Louisiana waters. And of course was becoming a lot of issues too plus was going to. Coming up on next week well most efficient Keith Russia. Concentrating on the Bolshoi Ares website by the same name if you know detect about take a look at it. Most fuel fishing report that. On this program we gonna cut it on several things we've got a big show coming back to. Mercedes-Benz. Superdome line after a quite an absence with talking about the Louisiana sportsmanship all this one being called the viewed docked in fishing expo. A lot of exciting things happening. On the quality via management association is coming in town polling actually national convention in the city wall. While the show Eagles on. They only have hunting gear do you stand archery equipment docked boats. Heavy focus on the on angels and sportsmanship ozone great because everybody's. Looking for the latest in the great new products that are going to be coming out those earning some fishing. High in the but it's but with the exception of Turkey season. I'm hunting season discount Juan down and it's not really anybody's mind that this time the late July August that's prime time giving new equipment upgrading. And you know getting what you needed to minute trips in the outdoors. This a lot of that. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome. I was going to be Friday from region Saturday from ten in nine Sunday tenth of five. They've got a super deal long admission ten box adults and Bob now the kids. Kids on the five it is very honorable Indian and you can get into the superdome and bow most of any sporting event even towards I think probably cost them much more mystical. Through the place on weekday. This algae to see everything in there and is also going to be some great merchandise now offered to. And did talk about that we've invited a couple of exhibited that on some kind of tells what you see when you come down Louisiana which show. In hope you will because does a lot of special events on his exhibit with the dog training in non dot commander bought commander. Want people lot of seminoles will be given by some of the top experts. In Sunday afternoon is going to be a special awards ceremony the winners of the best of Louisiana all the wars competition. It was voted on by the sportsman's which of Louisiana in many categories. Will be surprises they presentations taking place at about 3 PM. At the Mercedes-Benz superdome so it's going to be an action packed week in and is one guy told me while the best things about the whole thing Meehan in late July. It's going to be there in the fish. I say we have Anthony Kim is joining us now we have him on the line he's probably on his way to work right now at the iTunes. Craig Morton and and yet you're right I won't call it that. Puzzle look. I am very calm and works right now. It's not dirty right now but don't call. Yeah well wins have been down and looks like we get a little bit less discharge from the fresh water river is not got a report. Recently that there will Boston love the red fish jumped at the causeway. Yet it out. But you're. Right oh. Yeah well Anthony it's good that that this show is coming back in the Belmont show blog accustomed to it on you man I'm so glad this thing is back it's nice and Gonzales of Lamar Dixon but it's a hike to get up dipped with the people on the North Shore. It takes longer to get them and it does that rouge that is a line to get in joke comes and goes in you don't really get to see everything in. That was a long extras standing tradition that bomb built almost on it I think the first one. It would back to the rim percentage that was placed them which it demons existence anymore line and he moved it around even been in the minutes laudatory of the very first year. And he moved in the superdome and it got bigger and better and people got used to it now and a think named Katrina came along and changed everything in people it's it's kind of been avoid people you know it that some boat shows that a common purely boat show little little bit tackle but. Nothing less like the return of the sportsman's show you guys are going to be there bringing all I've equipment there. Tell us what people are gonna see if they come by the pew please exhibit at the bill. Dart into your program is going to be bigger and recovered it. When the factories or that or choke on back though everybody Opel board. We probably. Art here about forty your back a minute are we. And leave it there on it. And Jeremy. Patient. And jemaah. 00. And thirteen tradition. Numbers. We'd our sticks. Oh and it you know stable or we got accessory. Crude Korean art tools. Order shall we get on a minute they'll agree bode. Omaha. Pertinent experience Beers and were also. You all groups called groups ball crosses comic. Crawl boots strict clothing. Everybody that will be. Were in there at all stop that the reports show that shook all in love with all the new technical twenty. So for example store all our own and it all so shortsighted ship in July. Show repairs computers new product that people will. That's exciting what is been some of the the hot items that people come and look enforceable the latest and greatest in both efficient enough. Well. Start on. Stricker clothing were so well for your order book. I'll do a lot of people reading. Beat the new. Shirt. Well. Your experience as a one more obstacle appears. And they we board our. Forty miles an. Opened all the patient. You know. And did so. Ending new product start should all be in real open. They're real real and a lot of stock. Did you get a chance to make icann's. No unfortunately. It kind of element are more aware but it sure. In and that is a great way to see what some of the new items come and out of going to be food for efficient. What is the superdome its policy on fire all late allow you to bring firearms and. Well how they don't grow tech pitcher yeah put together a patient and spent part of the board members. You know. Of course that went well that rule board. You know. They used our current article. Don't go to the store. And beauty for. Sure. Don't take part in would trigger locks oh we checked the serial numbers Burnham and there were bitter. And rule border. Unfortunately where it. One. Attack Europe concerts. Undergo. They Horry. That's unfortunate cause I'm sure you'll be able talk far on are you gonna have any of manufacturers' reps at two. Air Reagan writ manufactures rep says to boot that somebody wants to come in and it got questions about the tickled by our homes it's always good to have. You know the guy that's right oh liaison between the manufacturer in the custom. Aria you know what what are or there are many factors. You know myself included Pollard Pollard will be there so. You know last several important problem any reports or be part on such a well it. Any thing else that people would be excited to see if they come by you both. Our topic they're going to be really about art. Where you we shouldn't we always. Use everything at a loss leader to do people in and and Charlotte Urquhart. They demand sales or all. We're really really great deals. Everything that's been a factor as your show parts. So that not only be cheap Google solid sports going to be cheap cheap sport. So. Think people report. Erica look forward to seeing there Anthony about the way it's somebody text me a message wanted to know how to Rick's rodeo win. Do you plan on co sponsoring again you'll remain one of the major spots brakes on then yeah. There we were government and act that we are. From the road at several factories call up. Well want to give an order next Tuesday court erred on the duke people. But people lecture motto lowered into Turkey wrote that out even been now are they want to shock the next year so. I think it's gonna grow. Bigger battery cheer. On all the folks not doctors that they have a lot of fun out there and it's it's good that we can get. New rodeos in a lot of the old it's comical by the wayside inn news to him nu wood comes in and you can't have them happen about the sponsorship that's very important. That's an origin that they showed that economic interest. Anthony have a great detail work what time the store gonna be open and close today. On the six new sporting goods veterans boulevard in men thanks Anthony appreciate it looked Ford senior at the show. That he nuclear of one of the exhibit is going to be Acela show folks the old old with empty pockets is low in block you will be able. Leave there was some great deals on hunting and fishing merchandise of all types. Coming back after this you know trying to answer a question text it to also going to be talk in the semi Romano. Who was one of the premier are archery idealism it's jags in Metairie they'll also going to be in the Mercedes-Benz superdome will talk the Sammy about what's coming up but they're both right after this pause. Elicit a more outdoors on WW LH the two FM moral point Perry.