Proposed Fisheries Management Legislation In Washington

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, July 15th

The Senate and the House have new bills to ammend fishing laws that will help us.


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And if you happen to be tuned into alive and local yesterday on WWL late 70 am formally known as the think tank and almost think Blanco and Robinette is retired. I'm still on Friday's but it's called live local had some did John Kennedy and at talking about a number of topics in one that we just simply ran out of time and didn't have time to get to. Was. The modern fish act also known. Officially as the modernizing recreational fisheries management act of when he seventeenth. Of which he is one of several legislate or is that is an author of this bill and what this would do and by the way this another bill HRT 20/20 three that is on the representative side. That was also introduced by another Louisiana congressman. Garret graves so we got both sides of the now covered with this and hopefully it will get past. You've artist talked many many times on this program. We've had Crist Michael Russo on Wendy billion out the by you want and keep washer on Dow carpenter. We've discussed this red snapper management the Bok. And the major cause that is always thrown up when people question why we have such a unfair. Situation is forest allocating in setting limits and season dates in disparity between what fishermen are seeing catching in the Gulf of Mexico. And what the federal managers are telling us that there. They blame it on the Magnuson Stevens act. This goes back a couple of decades when this was adopted named after. Two of the people who who pushed for written about it through. And it was a policy. That. Was set the standards for all how we manage fisheries. Well things have changed big time since this Magnuson act was adopted. And it's really outlived its usefulness because. We've got modern techniques and technology. And management practices that the Magnuson Steve the next prevent spills from being applied. And it's clear now that the wall really needs to be revised so that not only the commercial but also the recreational. Maximum benefits can be the rod and in this bill does that. And you know as eleven million saltwater anglers out there. And the recreational fishery those eleven million have been hindered by these old policies that restrict access to public water is. If it actually hurts the economy. And but being able to reexamine fisheries allocations and help rebuild stocks and improve the data collection which I think is the whole key to wouldn't. I'm proud to say though Louisiana was a state that Connell led the charge on that. It's forest devising. Modern. Data reporting and we came up with block real program and other states along the Gulf Coast of copied it. And I think we're getting ever closer to being able to rest the management responsibility away from the feds. And give it to the Gulf Coast states which is where it really needs to be. As they say proof is in the potent look at all of must be seized an amendment by the state of Louisiana and stay waters none of them or any kind of dire straits. On the brink of extinction is they tell us with the snapper. Let the states do their job and manage their own fisheries and hopefully we'll see that and Allan thanks so that they can at the end congressman Garrett grades both of Louisiana for their part. In helping to see that that pass and we'll keep an eye on that keep you updated on again it's called the modernizing recreational. Fisheries management act of when he seventy. All right other news wanna congratulate. A team of fishermen now on where we're going to be in a couple weeks Venice marina. Well action that we in Venice but dishing out of Cyprus cold. They caught a big guy to. That will be the third largest ever brought to the scales in the Louisiana. And one of the guys on board. I know him pretty well because I was involved in covering a yet another record that was caught on them both. Paul if Politico. Excuse me. At any rate all was on a bowl called hatteras fog cutter. A sixty foot hatteras. It's actually Chris hall's bowl the officials believe the platform very popular place the patient tuna. And they caught this huge tuna in they weren't sure about the identification. And it turned out to not be a yellow in which what they thought it was it was another species closer related call they'd be gone. And it way to 170 pounds and they have submitted the paperwork to Louisiana outdoor writer these records committee. And if everything's rise in the core in the world and I've heard and seen it looks like you will. It will knock 69 point 25 pound that was caught back in 2011. Out of third place in movement to be the third largest caught. In Louisiana. World record on that species education interest at 197. Point 31. And that was caught off the coast of grew mystical longstanding record that goes way back in 1957. And Julia how close it is. 197. Point 25. Was caught by George Graham in November of 2009. That is the top Louisiana records sold well Louisiana record is about. 61. Hundreds of pound. Awful breaking the world record. Now. You know in on a fish that size if he would eat one more cargo hold me one more piece of hard dale. That fish would have been a new forest plays Warwick but that's the way it records go speak at records. Coming up next month in August and mid August. While Louisiana outdoor writers association. Is going to meet for our annual convention and conference in auto what goes on there in addition to. Excellence in craft awards presentation. Enough fishing trip in we present the awards for the youth journalism and photography. Contest also present male and female youth honors of the year we take care a lot of business it's an annual meeting. One of the highlights is we present finish of the year rule out. And what we do is out fish wrecked his committee which I am a member of we go over all the new records and records that caught in the previous year and from those. We select the top Rodman real caught fish. And the top slot rot caught fish. This year. The winner of the EU rod and reel award it's going to be presented to a felony Timothy Delanie. Caught a one pound 83. Pound blu Q&A and so like a very big issues not but for blue gill. That is a monster it's a new first place all time Louisiana record so he will be on it for the raw and real. There is also going to be an honorable mention to him. Another fish this 1239. Pounds yelled into an was caught by Kyle Boyd. And it was a new record that a third place though. You weigh a third place against a first place in new way now one point 83. In at 239. The blue gill on out but we felt as though Kolb should receive some recognition so he will be honored with an honorable mention. For the year 2060. Now the fly rod category very interest. A new fourth place flounder. At three point 79. Was caught by Pete Cooper junior and he was scheduled to accept this award. August presentation. And fortunately last week while doing this program. Received notification from the mutual friend and repeated passed away. So his award will be presented posthumously. Peak Cooper junior author of off fly fishing boats I'll call the the the the founder Earl the godfather of saltwater fly fishing in wheezing hand Pete started his. Fishing up in Washington Paris around the ball loose area eagle fly rod the shingle creek the creeks in Mumbai use there. Tension brim perch blow deal. And he progressed to win when he worked and worked in the oil field industry he moved down to the sub them -- you know along the coast. Mainly round of emissary. When he fell in love with salt water efficient. Not just with a rog real but also with us flaw rot in member of the break in record after record. When we instituted that the separate categories for fly rods and Ketchum lemon fish and remember some stories that he told about how it landed them. Finished with him remember a couple of memorable trips at the chandelier islands where we were. Wait fish in the out there and Pete was covered a lot of ground on that fly or like a buggy whip and we would catch a lot more fish but he was in join him more uses water well. The fortunately passed away he's going to be sadly missed but not forgotten and is award will be presented at that meaning it will hold up in activists Louisiana where we going to be around the mid August by the time I get back from. Alaska beat Tom point the the GMs the north and an up there I got a couple of quick emails I want to address it still looked in afresh ward guides. On the north York on the South Shore. I've got listeners that wanna booked trips they wanna do bass vision they wanted to sock away. I cannot find a fresh water fishing guys lots of salt water guys anybody knows of one. Please shoot me an email easiest way to contact me is that on the help it was guide that condi issues to simple contact. Got another one here that says. Best method to take finished like much treatment July August good place to start Wentz and railroad. Highway eleven bridges Lima plastic taking it ten year old grandson. In from San Diego that's from Bob. And Bob my advice to Bob was but that kind of a trip and that kind of information. Hire a guy even if this is the one time. Odd ball with them ask a lot of questions. About time a year where Nicole what to do different conditions scenarios. Not only will you have a great time catch a lot of footage. But you'll also come away with a lot of knowledge that you could on your own the unit extra. I and taken a look at that website. What he missed that radio for you gotta see this hour and a half. Several jumps Chris Holmes hooked a Florida hopman. And then he took an incredible photograph he was slow trolling an eight inch hole you're in the finished struck. Photograph is. Beautiful. Gorgeous half you know on the water half above water Chris is an excellent photographer. After asking how we got that shot and US got to wrap it up Carol for our trip to the great outdoors has come to an end will be back to do it again next week. Which stopped off at 5 AM. All the fission reports information from those reported by the way if you wanna see our reporters. Go to my website look on the more on dominant look at the report is that pictures and by ails the vols great guys in house we'll see you next week or more outdoors on WW all FM 1053. HD two.