The Pels are making some moves

WWL's Dave Cohen and Mark Menard discuss the signing of Rajon Rondo by the Pelicans.


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David mark with you on your radio how important is Raj on Rondo do you think to the pelicans plans for success this coming season is he. Going to be able to play. Significant minutes and in a significant role. To help. The pelicans really have so but to wins while he could have a very significant role with what they have on the roster now he actually could end up in the starting line up a sought the right right beside your holiday. 41 I'm hearing. The team would love to have Holiday Inn that to guard role as opposed to the point guard because he's a much better shooter than he is a facilitator. And Rajon Rondo is Forte is. Assists and and dishing the ball and in giving guys open looks he's also play with DeMarcus Cousins in the past in Sacramento so he has a good report with him. It could be could prove to be a pretty fortuitous. Pairing between cousins and Rondo of course give Anthony Davis drew holly involved. This new book Rondo in the starting five makes them look a little bit better than when he E'Twaun more sooner. I had who I think is almost exactly. Who is okay so I lack I didn't realize that they were thinking about put Rondo as the point guard. And move and Jrue Holiday over to the two spot and now you get four. The tournament starters right there. Guess it's still wondering and who's at other forward going to be and does this propel. Then to a point where you would be comfortable saying they're gonna make the class of.