Is it smoke or fire when it comes to Trump/Russia stories?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, July 17th

Dave Cohen in for Tommy.  Dave talks to Kirby Goidel, Professor at Texas A&M, about the latest on the Trump/Russia stories and about the battle over health care reform.


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Kirby Goodell professor and fellow of the public policy research institute at the Texas and M university formally at LSU duke president what else thanks for joining us. They threatened me always glad it up politics we're surprised when you heard this yet in another delay in efforts to bring. The repeal and replacement of obamacare to the floor in the US senate. I'm not surprised at all by the lady. It was pretty critic in app support was surprised by that reason and terms John McCain. Illness I think that. Even without the only those it would have been they would have been declining because they approach. Which they've even had the votes of we get McCain to bring it to the floor for debate. I don't think so at night not clear to me you know that the senators are ready to sign on there's a lot of concern especially those senators and state. That have benefited from from obamacare. President trump said Saturday that they were very very close to repealing and replacing obamacare would you concur with that or do you think there's still pretty good division. And a distance before they may if I ever be able to do that. Yet in and it seemed. It seemed to be really tricky to get to a final coat which. You're going to be able to repeal and replace obamacare. Mainly because of divisions within the Republican Party especially distinction between moderate Republicans. Who wanna keep a lot of obamacare and then more conservative Republicans they like to cruise Texas. Who would like to dismantle it almost entirely at its its hard to see where you get to a place. Where they can agree on the other hand there is a political impetus for them does it pass something almost anything claim victory on this issue because. That's why they're there and I think if they can pass anything they can we claim that they responded to what the voters that and to do what. Where would you give the odds of a repeal and replacement of obamacare at this point and we know they've extended. This session in two weeks into August so the gives the Republicans more time to try and find consensus. But is that even enough time if you were met numbness. Where were your money again. I'd say it's less likely to happen in the did happen but it but it you know I think one of the sort of the Koreans and in this played him in sure about it if they do nothing errors actually it'll be. And and I think there's a penalty for their supporters who say we brought you that we voted for you to go in and and and repeal and replace this legislation. Into if you don't do when you control all of government. That that don't you think that. They don't want to have to pay that political caught. It would be a large one but they obviously also fear that there's a political cost for many of them as they vote for the bill as it's written now. Why do you think has to happen what has to change to satisfy enough Republicans. To support this reform. Yeah so that they've been working pretty or in terms of beating the buy in some senators including some of the moderates. And in so they may have been. They've been on the phone they did making personal appeals they've been changing legislation that would kidded. To get closer. So they may view the quote given away if you remember back in previous. Legislation. But should go back Clint brewer or President Obama on really critical bills. Which you have to do you sort of buy the vote of hold out senator's. Simply give enough away on something else in the listeners might be able to Obama here. Forward. All right time will tell they got a couple of weeks to get it done no vote this week after John McCain returned to Arizona to have surgery. Maybe next week I guess we'll have to wait and see. Which begs the question when if ever will they get through this and move on dead tax reform. He had a lot of people looking at their agenda and are saying you know keep come in and you structure first could've built. Bipartisan collusion with Democrat she could have figured out a way to spend six roads the bridges which that was an issue everywhere including Louisiana. And you upset democratic coalition. But in that in health care you've you've you play right into the polarized Washington politics and and all the work waste. And you and you create you the factions within the party become a problem of getting things done. Mr. Goodell president trumps attorney insisted Sunday that there was nothing illegal in the meeting between tribes eldest son held with eight. Russian lawyer during last year's presidential campaign ultimately. We'll see of that statement bears to be true. Once the investigation is completed then we see where it ends up going. My question for you is how much does this scandal this investigation this probe. Interfere with the president's ability. To get legislation pushed through Capitol Hill. As he sees his priority is his platforms. Really going no this. Yet it it's the nature major problem or ability to get. Upper for all sorts of reasons. The most that the single most important reason that detract attention. From all the other issues that he should be focused on in and caring about you look at sort of as. Is Twitter and the other thing you know news coverage of him or anything else there's less conversation about. Even health care let conversation about tax reform less conversation about it the structure he's not mentioning those issues due primarily focused on on croak oh quote unfair the treatment and has been in this sort of distraction from those priorities the other thing that the more this. This stayed in the spotlight. Google is his approval rating is going now he's got he's got a pretty substantial base of support. So we got a four probably that he can fall behind you looking compared to other president. For this point in his presidency to very unpopular. That makes it harder for him to get anything done because one. He called he called it typical senator like to do health care. They're less likely to be persuaded that they believe he's not popular state in an area. Carry any voters with is. With his political sport. Comes back to all politics is local and the senators who are not supporting. The president's effort to repeal and replace obamacare may be more concerned about their own hides it homing getting reelected. Than they are in dealing with the president at a time when he's unpopular and surrounded by scandal. Yet in so you if you think about it from presidential standpoint you can do one or two things you can equal. If you don't do them on the campaign against you know what. With his approval rating period as popular where you know. A ball go ahead. And then the other thing you can say one or you. But again with the approval rating now load that doesn't seem like it either you reward those cherry nor the state does that give the president is currently wielding neither Karen Norris. Yeah yeah. And so I think you know I think most senators especially senators and states that are. That are split and divided she they have nothing gained by either supporting or opposing president took in the real question is how does that affect voters and have an affect their political future. There Gregorio we appreciate your joining us here on WW welled up and us understand what's gone on in Washington and break him down all the political brouhaha surrounding it you have a great day you can thank thank you.