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Welcome back to the second half of the home improvement show. Here or into the video the picket seventy. Right before the top the hour we were speaking with ray in the you don't hold get a third question and he holed up so looks like. You the rate cut disconnect that. Oh war that he had to go put the rate you're disconnected so please call back. 2601870. And we will put you at the top of the heap second to Europe last and final question. Something else to re news if you're listening. There was a tax rate came in and they were beta common reference what you Warner. Use one those. Around cleaning the extra year you ought to work condenser. In the Sid please mixture that ray knows that the water pressure from those. If it's too high he can also been the aliens in and I have seen them in the those fins. It don't take much to bend and you look at Roman they'll start there's going bending so. You definitely make sure you don't do that and also as I described to you use a shop that. You know suck out the grass in the debris things like that. That you wanna make sure use a nice offers bras don't get too gross of casualties than those events. Two in that as well. Another hit you they would consider. And I know this is probably a little extreme and most people want to do it. But if you would take the time to do it does not hurt it certainly helps. Is that when you or cutting grass or we eating meat eating around Europe you your outdoors. Unit you're here in this cadets are people call compressor. Or turn it off. BYU doing that because what happens is while it's running its Droid in. The air through those fences blown out of the fame. So if it's drawn there in around the bottom of its. And you're in it to weed wacker and your reading around and it's sucking on a grass or at your cutting grass and aggressive being flipped him as being sucked into the fins. While it's running it you know if you turn off the won't be as extreme. And of course you can turn it back on after you're done. And you know the word but this much like symbols those folks open it to the extreme but that's always. Always an option you can consider if you would reduce the amount of debris that goes into that I stored outside unit. While you're you know landscaping and cutting grass rabbit. Oh reading what do you you're you're doing don't put a chemical on it other than equal cleaner. Actually was at a house earlier in the week and that they hit there a landscaper spraying roundup. And they spray roundup on the bottom portion of that out to a unit. In the round up you can see over repeated use was eating away the fins that bottomed pool so. Don't don't do that picture it's it's either just regular water or it's a product that's designed specifically for cleaning pools. Recognition event particles. Or contents equals with for the purpose. All right so I'll get back to your questions also your text you can send me attempts at 87870. Or direct your questions live that you can you be called when numbers sponsor wrote for. 2601870. That's 2601870. Or fears here at work or you know position to do either one of those he would ask your question either later on today or even when the week. He can go to our Paul's house FaceBook site you can push request and there'll be happy interest there. Throughout the week let me look at a couple of these text because they haven't really had that problem that detects let's see we have. Would connect you to remove mold buildup or in single roots. So if if you look at Shia groups and you've seen the dark colored itself a sexy phone night. Growth it's in the shingles. Most times those singles don't have a entirely. A phone guy edited to its so therefore he gets he gets ugly. I am I know companies that do this I am not a thing and cleaning your roof and the reason guys who classically root about the Clinton the phone guy or fewer repeat at least build up. You know at the dead sure or in the belly ups that you look at the cleanest but the more time to calm your roof. This would foot traffic and if you could have any pressure to it where there it is from from oppose our press to wash or chemical. You are at risk of removing the top Eric aggregate that's a small little pieces of of of gravel that's on top right. Those little round parts as aggregate on top. That is your Wear layers that that's actually done protecting the asphalt. In the coding underneath it synergy removing that if you could clean it did this can be part of the process. You're reducing the life he single and and this is one of those times when I say go Woodson go into denial denial in this situation. It's a good thing I know you're rift doesn't look pretty I've apologized for that is really. Not much you can do that is not an adverse effect do you use why fewer single. So. The the cause it's not gonna hurt you single. And the causes farmed out growth is because you don't have an atomic a fun guy component your roof when you replace roof give a ship that has that. But in the meantime and ignore it's not gonna hurt the like piecing if you leave it alone. It's a systematically knock can be very pleasing. Cycle look good. But I would much rather have an ugly roots and have roots that you lose about six years or seven years or worse. Longer off the top of that you knew at the very end of the cheese like that goes you can clean it and clean it. So heartless and could go to a commercial break and come back as he ray called back. If you have a question I give us call 260187. You know get back some more eager text. Right after this as well it 878 said the attacks will be right back at that slogan where. Welcome back to the hope crucial let's go straight to phone lines and speak with race a ranked. You with me started on all. You another question. All. Or groups or would hurt all root. Hope to build farm return really well he'll point out. Is there are a little quicker but Arctic shoot up their work so coach Bert. Or street or orange. Can't go to a formal expert. Terrible. You know what most jobs are sealed bearings. Depends on the age how old they are. Yet there's still burns okay there there's not much you can do but I mean you can get up there in if you took off and clog your route safely go up there and and either some graphite or some silicon. Would certainly help I think the silicon populace ought to cause a rain but refused to graphite. You try it but more like you do root removing and replacing. Social purpose Shura or arguments are preparing insurance copper wire. Yeah I animus should be in said the various SECO and I would think I would sprayed the upper low point of the shaft. And as in the sex and the parents. Who think sits up and soak in the Yemeni. And I doubt that don't work it's worth a try. And what all the washed up all these lose or wrong. Poll was done to promote their thoughts are on and she joined Newt wants to get your parents structures. The real raw potential. Back at half and but it's not rub. Bob gets out of bed early in fact I had breakfast with him earlier this week. It's aside years in retirement looney he's enjoying retirement. As I see him quite often he's a great day. And pronounced. I would definitely give him your comments I'm talked out aren't they see him later on today craps. You do decide that you call back re integrate that our rights let's go to speak with Donald hate dollar Europe next morning. On the morning and early show thank you yeah you talk a roomful of days ago but the way debt debt that you should handle. Well panel on how about rules and it worked on me in knocking down election going on which is great. But they're are all sick. All the surge is an armed. The issue on hand and have them both pitched through and. Fonda a lot of that. Small birds. It in a neighborhood de Cologne Germany if she'd you know make it right where it away aged. Grew up in front. In that you know if it's something that could do that pattern you know. Keep them from the image in the rules couldn't get it replaced it's a Katrina only hit civilians Soviet 45 U rules but. Applicable kind of screen it's certainly be around me and I make about a trap money did the did too little warm. You know. It's like coming of federal leaned in right underneath the so brilliantly again and oh yeah won't. Yep then they're probably open up their two. FF but so Donald there there is a product call hot foot. And he's been many many years since I've used it. But. Meant I was back in 1980s. How was hired by companies. In the north saint Charles evidently just renovated the building. The it would use in their balconies their front porch in the inoperable shutters. That the birds were sitting on top of and they were depositing there. The goods at their rear end right there open open and that the you know say hey we would do something about this so how would go. Probably vote home probably. At the very beginning opposed to it once a month and then you know near the end I was sort of once every six months because the birds and a new not go there anymore they got out of that habit. But it's it's a gel type product called hi would you give it. I was buying a gallon container that you it's you would place it at the very top of the shutter in this case you replace it with a birds and landing in what happens is it it it. They don't like it in the leave if they. And they are often enough and and and don't they land in this product in electing me leave. That it could get out they have to come into your roof at a fund other comparable placed ago. So. I don't know exactly where you comply hot it's an open the first place I would look at. If I was buying this product is Albert goes to like these these do it yourself. Organizations that so like exterminating products. Like I stop or something like that NC. What products they haven't written for an outdoor use and that does something similar is that put product described. But thank you appreciate. This are you that no good luck the with the project I'm hoping your your successful in getting it done. Okay. Thank you let's move onto our next call and speak with Sam and Sam good morning welcome to. So. One second comment about a minute ago. Or shall shall actually. They were close all job or retirement America's his uncle Bob a call. You know I Abbas I don't. Have a couple questions about what Angelo magic. In the Q appropriate result would bet on the basement or what they're not that it's and all that. And I have a problem under kitchen cynic but that being it skipped out. Neglected to Italy. And look at that doubt it's certainly in law that year. Now on the and the magic it's it's not report service. What you auditory that laudable foreclose. That race judged on. You know the tree lot and that's. You know that that that drive. If you remove all the organic growth lumber. I've done. Views. Probably should approach has much to get short. But it could be you know it's open to reward its its its spy in the wall and underneath. Just think cabinets packet pocket treat all the wood lumber all unfortunately. I didn't know what was. Here's something I'm good Escude do. In this is a little bit unconventional cushy you you just can't gain access and everything so I'll. You may what do. You militarism or rates some Warrick spreading in NC that if that works. Oh rated in addition to that what do you best lines of defense. Salmon and we sent this earlier we're talking with the person. You know mortal on. On phone exciting it's the moisture. So if obviously got counseling is that the leak effects yet to sales normally can I watch you put in the AT humidifier in that space. With the cab doors open blowing unified air with the pain in that space what's it Ryan early. Before you close anything else out. Because it oh yeah the moisture. The organic growth that doesn't get re mediated. Actually go dormant. Now that's. Advocates voiced against just a grown again. Yo obviously that that's true of any surface that that's an apartment here so you're you're the best thing you can do this point is his to do that she can. Indeed it's right. Our long after I saw the only problem. And cleaned it surely that will open. Don't because the way it because obviously you accept the finally. Com you the moisture meter. No I sure don't pressure okay. Listen go to go to harbor store Hamels on a someplace like that and YouTube. A bush abused at the pins that you can stamp the wood with those pins you when a young decry your clothes and up into Europe 15%. Warship content or less. I mean for a for thirty bucks you can get one delivered an ams on prom. You in a matter of you know 23 days and you can you know you can hit it at different locations in May after its 15% or less before you close it up. At a construction of the building. It is business and building would brick facade on the outs such we have we vols. What I have the idea before migrating board and there is support like a paper barrier between most sides and you look at that wage reading. It's give you a bit about a year on the backs sheet rock is does that sound appear. In no as it that's the wrong location for it really needs to be in the outside the studs because what's gonna happen. It is is the studs could become saturated. You do not only are they energy economy and and in over a long long term debt that sort Turbo long term issue. You may have some issues with the the out so wall framing. Becoming saturated. Yeah that's right I can't get between the cinder block it bestowed so yeah. And last real quick question is well on that for doctor porting draw on the war. The cabinet. It's been real real wood cabinets that's why I'm trying to hang on to all. Should I replace that which were back in board forestry plywood subscription Bolick and so. I don't much Republican retreat apply with just because of the chemical inside of the house. Unit that has my personal preference while you know backer board. So yes. Yeah aren't all like you don't. That you that Sam thank you for listening have a great day. Our folks well we just went through and maybe clear three lines real fast so we don't want to spots available for you to a call and ask your question lives here in the show. It's fob 04. 260187260187. In what instance attacks at 87870. It will keep to your questions. It soon after this look at a news CBS news break coming up. The bottom of the hour and will start inching your questions and also looking at your text so people come and was good enough thermos of the show left to go we'll be right back after this.