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Good morning everyone happy Saturday to you so glad and also honored that you're listening to go home from shall here when the negate seventy. This is what we do every Saturday between male and 12 o'clock. We talk about your houses but just because you're asking questions what's alms doesn't mean the same teachers and principals can't be applied to. A Condo or apartment or fishing camp. Or hunting camp or your business now all the all the interest really org universal goes across the board in reference to. Repairs. That are related to different projects he could be painting. Electrical repairs plumbing. If it's copper in this time of year you gosh you know it's so hot outside we have lots of questions book effort. Hey my my bedrooms hotter than the rest house or in Hawaii and you know what are the possible causes and give me some solutions to. And that's what I like doing here on the home proved shows we'd like to you view for sort gathered the information is have a good clear understanding of of what your face and you challenges are you know it's the what you don't you give me the better as the Mets staining their scene and I'm. I'm listening to use over a headset and trying vision which you have. And then also giving you these solutions in some of that is that you are higher professional to do this this is something we're. You wanna go to Paul's house dot com you wanna select a license insure professional. That would do this project for you in their other solutions could offer. Depending wonder you're a model time in you skill set and in your ambition. You may choose to do yourself and and I got you the best way I know how to walk you through that process. Elevate its questions like. Hey I'm I'm I'm building the new home or any or two miles on remodeling my bathroom and I heard about this product would you think about it. And and I'll give you my opinion not based on a sales pitch based on facts in it's I think it's my role. Is to keep you all the information so that you can make an informed decision. But what's worked best for you and your family and not Nestor necessarily its sales pitch. But at same time if if if you're you're wanting some. Some that are different and you know that different prize for better by some what do you tell the vice it's in his heart do everything within 3060 seconds on the radio show. You can feel free to post your question on line. You can go to all Paul's house. Dot com to our website top right hand side you could affect see the FaceBook icon you can click on an icon and you can push your questions there I'll see an interest. In the week you can text is here too as well at 87870. And certainly gonna encourage you to give us a phone call that number is 26 so. 187 it's 504. 26018. Stephanie. A lot of device that we keep you specifically related to. Energy efficiency and comfort in building durability. Is always always good to be for the prospective. Of living here in the gulf south climate. Not to give any information from the folks that live up north and primary do heating. And actually have four seasons of weather where in the south we we have two seasons they have weather right. Who don't have always experience all four seasons. We prominent a cooling climate so therefore our challenges and I dynamics in the building science is different thrust himself. That is the folks up north so. If you're listening on mind. Do you what do you know if you wanna tell me hey. Bases this is where I live so back in. I can change that approach a little bit but primarily most callers and our people texting and or sending in. Questions on FaceBook or from the south so. It's very very report the reason I bring that up on occasions because. You may take it upon himself to go online and do your own research which outing cartel. I love folks it you know seeking further information does make surety which is you're looking for or the person is riding the ball go riding the solutions. Is telling you for eight gulf south hot humid climate not for a club and up north because it certainly does make a difference. But it comes to what action you take with products used may be the same. But the location of those products may be different and that's where really one a coach you would help you with that because it is if you're putting. Not control later in the wrong location. Maybe it's a water vapor controller and you putting in the Roma occasion that could be detrimental to appoint new here in the gulf south. As opposed to if you north so that that's that's why bring that up and have that at that discussion every now and again right let me give you those phone numbers again it's 504. 2601872601870. Or you can says attacks at 87870. If you can't do either one of those or you don't have an opportunity to do now because you're dropping where you work and you you you can't take time off work to do that. And when you. Or let all the you do have an up to him as you'd go to Paul's house FaceBook site and post your question there. Our list of who could go to commercial break we'll come back I see Cindy and John. You were hanging on guys. Hang on don't hang up we are common back in just a few brief moments. A lot for the home from showed left to go here in the big it's ebony. Welcome back to double dip Leo. He in the home improvement show let's go straight to phone lines and speak with Cindy ace in the good morning. How can we help you today. And outlawed it yesterday I was in my Gordon who noted that open slope from the water heat. It would keep an attic where you drip and at 6:30 in the evening and nearly nothing corn how. Full now why. Glory. About two weeks and I he said in the you think he knew what. OK so let me tell you what happens in the you have to. Means of water you could be seen outside related to your water heater. So the re the first hole the reason they put the piping outside his soda. What you do depending where the pipes that like you're working your Gardner cutting your grass people and you drop way. You know walking back to what you see you have a problem so the reason those pipes or a direct hit outsiders to bring awareness. To use the homeowner that you may be having a problem so I'm glad you saw it. I'm not everyone sees it. Or they see too late so when the tape but the two possible sources over water that could be happening. Which reward you won your son Larry to identify one on if there was water in the emergency pan am one of those pipes. If there was water in that pain in this directly in the two what do eater. You were drawn out thus outside your house and you would see it. This second costs and this is what's probably happening in your case is you have what's called a a temperature relief felt or some people call a pop off well. Aren't hurt the purpose of this valve is as the waters heat inside your tank. For some reason you were heater doesn't turn off this continues to heat heat heat heat. But you're not consuming hot water you're you're you're not taken how one on the take it is getting hotter. And hotter it builds up pressure. And sometimes before these these pop off valves were install many many decades ago but what he's used explode. So the pop while Phelps some Tums do it week and the leak does a little bit. And that one run out and or sometimes they go that is bad and the third time is is is you know when. You can look at it debris units. If someone's been exercising that bow to make it stop what's Ross of debris in it stays open as probably not the case and in your situation since. No it's cool that valve. But he could be given week can you may not need a new water heater rebate does need a news. Pressure relief popped off fell. Upon a program called license insure plumber yes ma'am how how old are you what you're sending. It is. It's spelled original house which is about one avenue Atmel. So let me say this. And I probably should affections questions sooner but we'll hopefully minus or help you would help others listening have a similar problem. Is that. Your water heater is probably at the end of its useful life it's it's probably time to you when the plumbers there have them look carefully that is that the pop up fell. But also the condition of the tank in a may be better for you just to remove replace the entire unit. And I just replaced up the pressure relief pop off well. Attic is very. Now does it brought wonder eloquent. And a cameo. Don't know that normally does not impacted that night and that what you're experiencing them. And thank you so I'll. Check in now. I am I'm political have a great day let's move on to the next caller and speak with John H on good morning welcome to this show. Particularly much I appreciate you today McCall. Just a quick question. About air conditioning. And the house. There is should allow that this sort of Barak. Com source between Indy and Guerrero so I don't all of the sheet rock. I guess my question is day what's causing. And he what could be done about it. OK so. John when I go to someone's ability whether it's carcass is truth commercials. I don't know or for homes is when you. When you see it discovered supplied register grill or even some some discovers that she rock around it. That's usually caused a wanna to fix its or herb what you're seeing rather's what you think you're seeing dusts. Or seeing organic growth malls okay so we're. Or sometimes his boat it's not always wanna the other. But it depends or did you get it will be close and you got the look at it. And you get aren't touch it and feel it it is you know a lot of times its costs but it it sweats incontinence saints ran that he could also be related. Two of organic growth as well so that that's what you're seeing let's talk about some other causes. And in what I'll do. So. If it's dust. That is caused by a couple of things the more you may be using the wrong return air filter. You may not be changed your return air filter often enough. It may be that the return air intake for their conditions system is too small. For the size of your units meaning the capacity unit maybe five times and you've got to retire take that saws for three time. That's very very common by the way. Happens when what happens and that in this situation. No matter what type of route return air filters you have the air is moving through it so fast that that filter can't capture it. In two blows through the filter into your machine into you docs and comes up when you register please lycra. I. If he utilitarian if you don't if you don't clean and read and remove replace your filter. In in the summertime I do that every 22 to twenty days. Wait thirty days if you read that it would feel you have some some say three months. That's that's so misleading statement because you maybe three months and people up north that only have 23 hours of recognition and come a day. Where we were the guy to Israel's recognition off. For us in our climate right every day cry which is really based on runs on that point one. Number of days so in the summer when my initial runs a lot of it and wait thirty days but every all the time. You know every thirty days on changeable filter. So I wanna make sure that they he keeps clean now art some another cause. Could be duck leakage. In every technicians is meant Douglas but let let me let me step back you can have the right filter. You can have the right size return air filter you can be changing often enough. But. You have duct leakage in what I mean by that metric. I wonder. One NATO the united they have that dot org and after the bat that it particularly in the house that you changed. It. And it would happen is it could be drawing air in from the attic or the surrounding areas that doesn't have the benefit of going through your filter. It could be treating your indoor equipment dirty you don't work dirt the closet that. That's another solo. Can get a hundred check those ducks yeah yeah yeah circuit yes this year. The house would you use used to Wear out I actually use blow over the slot. Yet our call Tony opposite Tony spoke to Paul. He wanted to adopt leap tests in in total take care. Mercury once saying quickly about the characters. But and it replaced upstairs downstairs. Eat and they see same town that three years ago. 34 years ago. And on that system may you don't have those regular little filters and Jews to change regularly in any change them when they come and checked both went there are some. Registration. You know so there's sort of a large saying it you know change month a lot of. All right so that that's a missing. Yet that's that's column media filter. Are in what happens is that it's a much larger Phillips typically do three inches thick. The larger and I was in and they catch. Because it's very small particulates in the air so it's good for hinder qualities also good for keeping. Your indoor equipment. Your connection equipment to blow motoring pepper coal cleaner longer. So I have that in my house but let me tell you that they're. If you really geeky to you how recognition systems are supposed to be designed to install. You should have a refill their at a primary filter. You should have to equities and filters. A pre filter is that throw wait till the change every 2030 days I've talked about a little while ago. This is all small stuff at Katz's. You know the the paired. The cat hair of the dog hairs that are out. Right catches all the smiles that that the Vick stuff rather. The primary field which is that big thick filtered they changed once every six months. That catches all the small particulates. That it dangers for you to breathe and also. Making sure you're equipment seized cleaner so you write that you changed to six months we should also have a free filter the catch all small stuff. Okay yeah you are an interruption I really should go back are also using those smaller and Egypt that registers right there are other edged. Yes now I can't record on menus and and the news is this the. Listen to because I want I want to make sure you eat you follow what I'm saying here called okay exec questioned call toll boat. And exit question let me tell you why is because remember one of the reasons that toll could be some of the causes that you returning here and take. May be too small so that's why aren't so you're not to use them I don't know if that's the case and not because I'm not in your house to look at the Tony knows it. Thanks Tony that connect. Okay aren't aren't I don't aren't the mole this sort of mold growing up you mentioned Mo possibly do. I'd look at what could cards. Will. It could be condensation. Moisture and that's all you really need knock on this moisture from all the growth when he's due for mold and technical recruiters got to watch o'clock news this is brown. Is go to Carl's house dot com go to the indoor air quality section and look for normally pro. And called normally pro open talked about Jamal. I taught you all right yeah I would be right back up this CBS news break.