Fishing On The Northshore

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, July 15th

Fishing those ledges with Captain Mike Gallo.


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I take a look at the radar. Stuff is just out there around the golf along low post some of the blown out some of the receding going down in his countless pole station the animal's point. Good chance if you are headed out in the way it will be he has sixty cents an Angel on some of the some folks will skate it. It's like a look at what's on a late much acclaim lake borne and Biloxi marsh area. Rainstorms oh that looks like in the Biloxi molesters if captain Mike gallows and that way in mind news reports that brought you buys Ito. Now like Tripoli on the war did you peace of mind and bring you fuel bring you to jump start that's what you need to UN were adamant when he was seven. Wanna get signed up wants of someone you law. On seven in a box you'd call captain responsible for 3014545. Point eight ball on line at seat oh that. Mike Gallo joins us now on Micah Terry cross wanna meet to express his appreciation again you'd. But not all of the great trip we had on Thursday but also spend some time chat page and given a lot of tips and advice. Left in the dock if we clean those 59. Fish that we caught. If it were true. Yeah and these little oil a lot of knowledge which it's important part which you guys not to bring people old eyes just send them home with teaching learning. Not read water on different ways to rigged up in how to make the most of these trips. There we were talking about alleges he was wanna know why those. You know our apartment where in addition there's more where we work to do you look at the damage that. And also we hear pretty good discussion about edges in you know what we think. All attracts huge moment. Michael at next week's sportsmanship all you can be healed and some deposit discounting and now. I'm going to be hanging out I think I was nominated for a couple of awards. And I didn't live there on Sunday thank them all. I'm gonna be there and swan. I'm sure hope he bounced around between them please go in there and you know some of the people battle where. Well today what you planned which we use him. We are gonna hit it over to the election monitors and who's been boom and it would actually moderate condition hopefully the most quicker. Yeah you know you've got pretty good read that radar and dodge in stone that's that's that's an art in itself. Our. That there are certain that we're at some hurdles that it works or use. And a concession that opinion you know. Yeah it can tell you a lot about what's coming away where you bin way you Golan in work around it. What is then the report close in two spots and dots lake house logged on to train like born platforms is still kind of bottom feeders and occasional. All trial. Right and still I have heard of some of speckled Trout being cottage on the platform originally born. The local. Here here's. And she cared occasional Coker race finished. Could you catch -- around this Webster in juvenile. The girl rumors that some ascended and patient retention Nader. You know oil wells start and come down stone. Still haven't seen a triple play you know. Keep my eyes open to those should be here in terms. And problem hasn't yet. Bait wise. We use shrimp used a little bit of golf you some plastic. A good mix should get it done for you. Yeah that's the best way to go you know the American pass up that laws in order to shore them. Tetanus someone. And it completed two group by like we did you know go to rinse implant the curriculum in Atlanta at all. Now while backing had a really good trip brought in pretty much to the Far East now basically off the Mississippi coast. Any word of those fish on a back there again. I was over there and him day. And the water was spending. Some some water park and so I think that mister Hubert wars lord back that area. Gotten into an area in hidden it their conduct. Harm at all. I was scouting out there on Wednesday in preparation Kumar Wednesday. Well anything else you'd like suggestions. Either read these short trial nomination. Before the rain you know. If the ring pops out there as of now we got my when he earns. And that the radars fairly openly Warner certainly know what it those platforms. I would have a short window of opportunity you know Iran could then be in its competitors' programs an opposite sir that it. This year and it's not been moved to know. Because chances are you gonna that you install and so try to hit as many of those are poor children. We should be able come across some Trout. When the marine national and bring in our hands within. That's when our running to the barge in the protection of the march 1 career finished and then maybe rain vocal line could slip back out to the platform you Christian. Constituents and. Always a plan may have a plan B Michael Leavitt and the thanks so report Mike somebody wants to get in touch with you all the ways they can find. Oh well it's important to iron out the car. Look me up tomorrow web site which is at LE com. Or you could call us on the line and which is not make 717811. You missed one that most of the ways and make it funnier the south side cafe after a good trip on on the sells a lot of mobile and that's for sure. Micah Evan had a pet pig. I have not. When our secure that they'll count will look at the names that made its own column. That's not a bad. All right my friend good luck authorization of march look at that we Unix. All right opening of that great trip to if you wanna see that trip we'll analyze Louisiana and next week. Or it'll be on fishing report right now Mo went cited on the up that Reverend Wright is up next it's time for a stroking report coming back at this time out on the outdoors with the new unit.