Driving in the rain

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, July 17th

Dave Cohen talks to Trooper Bryan Lee about the importance of your headlights while driving in the rain.


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I was driving yesterday on the nightstand in a very heavy rain storm and the driver in front of me slowed down and turned down. His flash errors and I've been seeing this more and more lately and heavy rain storms with people on the interstate turning on their flash yours. I guess as a way to warn people behind them that there in front but to me it confuses me as a driver because of icy someone's hazard lights amongst watchers ahead. I think there's stopped. And this creates a problem must find out what you should do and what the laws says. Joining us now on the live line is Louisiana state police trooper Bryce and lead to release thank you for joining us this morning. Baltimore recur. Had a lot of rain lately and out of arguments in it but I have everywhere I drive aids in there and if we get that blind equally heavy rain people are turning on their flash yours now something I didn't used to see. Is that a good idea or a bad idea and is it legal or not. Well they're not altered the ticket requests from the cut rates overall though that world record go. Up. But you are required to turn it like. I and it's underwent what was going on in new direction there are a lot of vehicle travels they Carmen light. But they'll like go back the majors are so. We want to make sure the culture conviction that your ex return delightful go to go. And you can say about a vehicle approach to vote for blaster. Well Britain opened their certificate and now you're going to be traveling. In Tokyo and uncle will drop in the range of particle form and a great goal and scroll. And they're going to be traveling lord in the low traffic and maybe a year ago about. Ways that dog alert that drove on and on to become awkward on the approach. You must have your headlights on so they tail lights are also on. But flasher is it's not illegal lease in Louisiana I know I signed Florida on the big signs they have posted there they say rain. Wipers and headlights on flasher is off. Apparently there it is illegal to drive with your flashes on but not in Louisiana town. You know whether they're if there are some reported in return significantly low slower. Then he oh lead in the lower traffic. And maybe about do the cardinals flexible to cripple the rule actually. And that way it you know vehicle pulled from the real world create recognized that there are slumping global leader. And any reduced or as well I'll return to play. So what. If you're heaven looks. Problem where you're not a conflict would trouble with an awful traffic Google were ranked school in Baltimore the sort Leo cool weather expert Greg Beck oh. I trooper Brian -- any other suggestions for folks as we deal with these heavy rounds. A rain that throughout this summer here in Louisiana anything you've seen that driver behavior that you wanna call attention to anything else you wanna. Urged drivers to do or not did. Tug of war increase following distance Richard electoral. Horrible drive there in the war yeah and expect during the one load. Are you never know looked on the certificate cute a lot of wars move a lot quicker and control quickly what. Went wrong. Just take both necessary precaution reductions you'd. Crucial follow distance actually electoral. To Riley thank you for joining us for a few minutes here on WWL this morning out of everyone's careful out there is a you don't have to get out in the rain and investigate their crash in their car. Currently thank you so much super friendly here on WWL.