Can the Pels make the playoffs?

WWL's Dave Cohen and Mark Menard talk about whether the Pelicans will be a playoff team next season.


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Mark we talked about the acquisition over the weekend that the pelicans native Raj on Rhonda. A point guard by profession. But there have a point guard Andrew holidays to you explain do you think holiday becomes due guard Rondo. Is point guard that both start also then we know four of the starters are 'cause obviously Anthony Davis is a store a starter. And right there we got to. The markets DeMarcus Cousins as well so is the fifth starter. I want to qualify that he emailed note Russ armada may not start but he should play a lot of minutes and alongside drawl it could be a situation where. A couple of years ago they had Ryan Anderson coming off the bench. But we got in the NBA it's more important whichever is the final five. More so than the starting five and I think when the final five isn't there it'll be Rajon Rondo alongside drew holiday and then DeMarcus Cousins Anthony Davis asked for the fifth guy. Right now it still looks like it's gonna be Solomon Hill but he hasn't really excites you Dante Cunningham has also gotten key man minutes in that role as. As the three guy the three in. Outside shooting and defense. You could still see them make a trade though and and maybe bring in somebody. There's rumors that they might end up in the bringing Ryan Anderson back to New Orleans as part of the deal listens Carmelo Anthony to Houston. And of course. There's also the lingering Quincy Pondexter still on the roster he's two years now he's been out with the injuries and he continues to say he's working his way back to the team. I'll believe it when I see it but if he does come back he could also be that I would love to see a three point specialists and so. Ryan Anderson Kedric excites me these kids from beyond the arc so. And any and you'll be a much different guy on defense playing the three spot in the four which is where he was always forced to play. Would Davis sent to all this having been said to the Dawkins neck the playoffs this year the way they're built right now they haven't the last two years. Which are built right now I think they're still on the bubble if they were to bring in a solid three point shooter in in the three roll through trade or something like that I would say yet.