Are you getting enough sleep?

WWL's Dave Cohen talks about a new study showing Americans just are not getting enough sleep.


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The way it is for me is that I don't sleep much. I don't game it's. Hole honestly guy its discount lifestyle I've chosen that I've lived that it had since it was actually a little boy and Jerusalem just don't I find sleeping and to be. Poor use of my time and I've always found I could do other things and sleep. Been now we have another report today that if I don't sleep enough. I am I'm more likely to get atrial fibrillation now have more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. I'm supposedly less productive at work. All these things that they're telling us for people who don't get enough sleep. They keep saying you know get at least minimum eight hours of anger here on your clothes that I know lots nightly at four hours a lack of sleep. Contributed to a loss of one point two million working days a year from employee absenteeism. Ma I don't get that either. Hi all I honestly four maybe five hours a night. In coming days of work I've missed in the last twenty years dollar to one wanted to one sick day in twenty years and I wasn't even sick. And hasn't restaurant. Yet because of a family history that we wanted to get a baseline it was literally like nineteen years ago lifetime but it is sick. And so I get and I think in general it's probably a good idea for people to sleep. 78 hours a night I think for most people that makes sense by it. I think like anything else all of these studies knows statistics that don't necessarily applied everywhere now I don't know I may end up having a heart attack or stroke at a young age now. Because of my lifetime of not sleep in Iran. How many hours you are you have to have 888. Now. That in order for me to have a you know like I undetermined at 66. He. Specifics of the lot happens after 6 PM here mess and it bar. The but I'm not miss in the slate it's just too important to me and I think as you get older it's even more important. Such as my own read on the well they give me a double whammy this morning with CBS news at the report that a I don't get nuts Lieberman have a heart attack or stroke. Then WW ousted Hanna told me that. If we don't get enough sleep where losing. Days due to absenteeism at work. And that the Europeans understand how to do right and us Americans don't know productivity goes arrived on the troops that's that's not here Trace arming you know you the year ago getter. I'm winning go get a text mandates 7870. Votes on you know how many hours a night usefully. What do you think if you in an ideal world coming to see if if I really could. Control my schedule as much that like to probably get six. I'm proud to be up. But to make some adjustments. And I thought well you don't act now and a lot of it's my decision. Now it's an injury time with family and Jerry. Watching television programs and movies. I enjoy my work on things eyes and so this is on the honestly. Are ranked one present X rated 78 senators as Monday through Thursday I get eight hours nine to ten on the weekend. The other says I sleep for hours my wife can't function without ten and hours of sleep. As a network twelve hours went shifts or when I'm working night to asleep Florida half hours and more and days about five and a half hours my goal is six but I never get it. Six hours on average says another text message does is I think three to four hours but an ideal world would sleep eight. Yeah I think I would sleep six maybe seven deal world occasionally on the weekends now get seven hours of sleep as us five hours or six from lucky. Five to six on weekdays but eight to ten on weekends six to seven hours work days eight on weekends as another text message. An 878 Genesis six and a half and it's looking more and more from all the studies that. We only get so many waking now and that if we use them up early in life because we don't sleep a whole lot. That we died earlier ya are more likely to have a heart attack or zero regular off the top or words maybe we may live would have dementia. So you could but let's get a well. What the studies. A yeah and day coming from someone who sleeps four maybe five hours and nine. The older I get the more I get concerned about it. LS system map but the less I do about. Man I just don't. I don't make time to don't car about that time line to take an app once it was a week sometimes intentionally sometimes not so much. You know sometimes it just sit down the captions and next thing you know out. But generally speaking at four or five hours is alive budget for myself. I would think that's probably because you're enjoying. What you do and being an opt in holiday if you're you're not. Thrilled with you know of the waking hours you go to bat well I just feel like I'm wake. I can make money from awake I can spend time with a family of the way I can do things I enjoy. From a sleep Philip amiss and out and let them didn't text messages from other people that share that. But another present tax me and says that they need eight hours every night. And it did that there could go to bed at 830 minutes make people laugh at me it says but I need the sleepy enough. Everybody knows our house has gone. And he's on what to read about 6:6 PM. June because six with six on top of that as of midnight in the alarm goes off at 230 so roughly a well and the guys that never happened view is that DVR the on demand at all naming your arm gotta have those things because for the longest time I couldn't miss primetime television yes yeah there are trapped that's what everyone talks about that we will talk about the radio you have to know what I'm getting it passed. That does help but it doesn't mean I am sleeping. Anymore on present next and it's Evan hey tennis is I work eighteen hours a day I'm lucky if I get four hours of sleep. And other persons says Sundays at work I get six to seven days I'm off eight to ten. Says five and have our honestly up by 1:30 AM network for 3 AM on burst into X rated 78 Saturday says. I work eighteen hours a day and 54. Years old and I have had a heart attack three years ago. Woo okay so that's president told us earlier as a second text. As persons as they work eighteen hours and sleep for its most people have been taxing essence saying they get more asleep on the weekend. That they sleep 56 hours tonight during the week and six or seven on the weekends for one person just accidents and I get 78. When I work but only five on the weekends is that states up to a party. And I says my iPhone dogs my sleep. I just looked at how much time getting and it says three point nine hours on average. Crazy. But true. You know I struggle with this sometimes I think I need to sleep more and that'd be good idea because I don't want to die young I don't wanna have. A heart attack or stroke or early on then dementia. But it's just the way I am programmed and build my whole life abolish that four or five hours tonight I just elect a miss and stuff.