Garland Robinette, The Think Tank

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Robin Garlanette - as he's sometimes known - was a legendary news anchor & the first environmental reporter on WWL-TV, where he scored national ratings records before moving into public relations and eventually starting his own crisis management company. As you can see, Garland's not your average talk host. Robinette returned to the airwaves on WWL radio, filling in for in for his Vietnam War buddy, David Tyree in Spring 2005. Then, Katrina hit and Garland was thrust into the eye of the after-storm & quickly became the "Voice of New Orleans" - the people's champion.

Tune in to "The Think Tank" with Louisiana broadcasting legend Garland Robinette. His show is a calling card for sharp, independent thinkers, who aren't satisfied with the status quo. Wanna hear opinion leaders & news makers? Hang out with the G-man. Oh...and no sheep allowed!