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Deke's FA Take

Deke: Saints Have Been Big Free Agent Spenders

Deke Bellavia

Everybody has a target right?  Every team has that guy, that position, that one player that can come in and make a team the toughest on the block!  Well that all sounds good.  But truth be told not all teams are a target or a few targets away.  The New Orleans Saints being one of those teams (in my opinion) that are several targeted players away from being a legit, consistent contender again much like the club was from 2009 through 2011.

The Saints have not been a team that has sat back on their hands.  No the Saints have been one of the most aggressive teams over the last several seasons when it comes to going after and landing the target they wanted to hit.  Even in years in which the Saints seemingly had no money, no accountant in the world gave the Saints Front Office any shot to be a major player in landing some of the players that were deemed unreachable players for the Saints.

New Orleans was not only major players, in fact the Saints were one of the very few teams that landed the bigger name players on the market.  Kennan Lewis, Brandon Browner, Jairus Byrd, Curtis Lofton, C.J. Spiller.  Now before some of you drop “a what the hell” on me, I simply challenge, or better yet I invite you to go back and do a little research back when each of those players listed above were Free Agents, see where they were ranked and see what the so called chance the Saints had in landing those players.

What you will find is that all of those players were either considered the best or in the top three available players at their positions when they hit the FA Market.  You’ll also find articles, videos and other clippings saying “how did the Saints do that” in landing those above mentioned players.

So what am I saying?  Well back to the title of this piece.  The Saints have targeted and hit their targets far more times than not in the last several seasons.  The main problem is the Saints landed targets that have not panned out.  In fact the overwhelming majority of those moves have resulted in some of the worst stretches in the above players careers.  The most troublesome issue of all is the dead money that is still being felt from those targets or targeted players if you will.

No Who Dat’s you can’t, not even for one second, say that Mickey, Sean, Mr. B or whoever has not opened the checkbook and showed the money.  They have and they have a lot.  What has gone wrong is who the Saints have shown and YES given the money to.

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It may be that the players style did not match what the coach was asking him to do.  Or you may claim that the Saints put a player in a bad situation, asked the player to do some things that the player did not excel at during his time with his previous team.  The bottom line is that the targets have failed more times than not.  If the Saints are going to get back to the days of having something to play for after New Year’s Day other than for pride or that playing the role of spoiler, the New Orleans is going to have to hit on their targets.

And by hit I mean hit on landing their targets, getting their targets to produce as much if not more with the Saints than with their previous team.  And the Black and Gold Brass will have to have their hit on targets make more of a presence in the form of production and performance than that of making too many dollars and not enough sense!  

How you like me nah!  

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