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Henderson: Hokie always made me laugh

The man who probably knew Hokie Gajan better than most people has been shedding tears today... both tears of mourning and tears of joy.  Jim Henderson has been remembering the great times and great humor that Hokie provided in the broadcast booth and everyday. Read More

Bobby: Family was Hokie's greatest passion of all

Bobby Hebert and Hokie go back to 1976 - Baker vs. South Lafourche in the playoffs. "Hokie was the most down to earth professional athlete that I ever knew," Bobby said. Read More

Korte: Hokie and I shared secrets, fears, dreams

When I was drafted by the Saints in Spring 1983, I reported to camp in May.  Within a couple of days I was not only welcomed to the family, I was absorbed and interwoven into the fabric of the players, namely two who were going to make me family, Hokie Gajan and Stan Brock. Read More

Don: Hard to say goodbye to Hokie

Today I learned the only thing harder than immediately taking a liking to a guy named "Hokie" is saying goodbye.  We were close friends for over 30 years, Hokie and I. Read More

Detillier: Hokie was genuine Louisiana through and through

Some people in the media business are totally different off the air than on air. With Hokie what you heard or saw on air was the guy you met when filling your truck or at a grocery store. Read More

Deke: Hokie was #46 in your program but #1 in our hearts

For five straight years he and I lived together for a little over a month at a time during Saints training camp - and although we were covering the Black and Gold, it was me that was in training. Read More

Steve: Already missing Hokie on Saints game day

Saints gamedays will never be the same. I don't know what I will do without hearing Hokie on Sundays anymore. The way he would describe a player or something that happened on the field can never be replicated. Read More

T-Bob: Hokie Gajan was toughness personified

I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to work with Hokie Gajan these last couple of years.  Being the new man here at WWL, I was able to learn valuable lessons just from following his example. Read More
Scoot Blog

Scoot: The honesty and creativity of Hokie Gajan

Hokie’s unpolished style endeared him to fans everywhere and his character stood out with a voice and style that, in some ways, defied radio standards.  And Hokie’s voice was honest beyond his love for the Saints. Read More

Kristian: Hokie Gajan - tougher than Marines

Hokie Gajan! The name, just feels warm, sincere and genuine.  That's who Hokie is. Read More

Diane: Hokie was born that way

God put us here so we could become the best version of ourselves.   Hokie was born that way.  Authentic.  Honest.  Purely Hokie.  Tougher than tough, yet innocent and tender...and funny, even in intensive care.  Read More

Scott: Hokie had special relationships with Saints, LSU fans

I feel honored that I was given the chance to see Hokie Gajan at his best back in 2008, when I worked on a project, “The GMC Ultimate WHO Dat Fan’ featuring Hokie Gajan. Read More

Jim & Hokie Saints Calls

Hokie rides in Saints parade

The snot goes back to midfield

Super Bowl - Black and Gold Confetti

Before Dome opener in 2006

Before Dome opener in 2006 - 2

Blocked Extra Point

Crisp as new money


Mugged him pretty good!


Doinked off the crossbar


Brees could drop it in a coffee cup

Reggie Bush run in 2006 Eagles game

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Bud Light - Happy Holidays

Rhino Shield - 11 Inch Trout

River Parish Disposal - Love that Smell

Bud Light - Bye Week

Rhino Shield - My Neighbor Megan

Rhino Shield - The Dead Zone

Cable Lock - Carpetbaggers

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