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Posted: Friday, 22 August 2014 1:09PM

New NOPD chief makes changes at top

New NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison today installed new district commanders and other top leaders, just days after taking over for Ronal Serpas.

The new chief says he sees challenges ahead as the NOPD tries to rebuild amid low manpower and low morale.

Harrison says he wants to improve the department's relationship with New Orleanians, and that starts at the top.

"We want to know their concerns," Harrison told WWL-TV this morning. "We want to understand the dynamics of what's happening in the community so we can know exactly how to address it."

Harrison says it's not enough to make New Orleans safe -- the city's residents have to FEEL safe, too.

"To be safe is one thing, but to actually know you're safe and the perception of safety and crime is a big challenge," he said.

Today, Superintendent Harrison announced Daryl Albert, Deputy Superintendent of Field Operations will lead the Investigation and Support Bureau. Robert Bardy, commander of the Sixth District, takes over as Deputy Superintendent of Field Operations.

Below is the list of all NOPD District Commanders:

• Otha Sandifer, First District
• Paul Noel, Second District
• Gary Marchese, Third District
• Shaun Ferguson, Fourth District
• Chris Goodly, Fifth District
• Ronnie Stevens, Sixth District
• Lawrence Dupree, Seventh District
• Jeff Walls, Eighth District

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