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Posted: Friday, 22 August 2014 6:25AM

Men more satisfied in bed than women

Research from the Kinsey Institute suggests men seem to be the most satisfied in the bedroom.  The study finds that about 85 percent of the time all men achieve sexual satisfaction.  Researchers found that gay women are satisfied 75 percent of the time. 

Straight women were a distant third, only getting completely satisfied during a sexual encounter 63 percent of the time. 

Clinical social worker in New Orleans David Brashear works with some couples about sexual problems and says this is no surprise.  

"Some of that is a physiological issue, some of it is the length of the relationship and satisfaction, people in a honeymoon phase often have much better sex than they do later in a long term relationship," said Brashear.   

Brashear says he believes the study is really saying how many people lack satisfaction in their lives. 

"People don't feel really excited about getting intimate with their partner unless they are feeling psychologically together with their partner, so generally speaking what you do is you increase the level of connection," Brashear said. 

Brashear said that in turn, increases desire and satisfaction. 

"The old saying is sex starts in the kitchen, well they are talking about listening and helping around the house and participating and building that sense of connection so that later in bed people feel wanted and desired, and like they matter to their partner," added Brashear.  

Better communication between partners couldn't hurt, according to Kinsey researchers, and paying attention to "both spoken and unspoken communication."  

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