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Posted: Wednesday, 13 August 2014 10:15AM

Louisianians spend second most on vehicle related costs

According to the finance firm, Louisiana is the second-most expensive state for motorists.

Spokesman Chris Kahn compiled the research for the study. He says they looked at gas, insurance and repairs and found that drivers in Louisiana pay about $2,555 a year just on things dealing with their car.

"One of the reasons when you look at some of the other expensive states like Florida, Mississippi and New Jersey," said Kahn. "These are three states that have had a lot of hurricanes and the insurance costs are some of the highest in the country."

Kahn says they found that Louisiana motorists pay an average of $1277 a year on insurance which is the highest in the nation. He says that's the cost that really hurts our ranking in this report.

"If you look at every other cost, Louisiana is at the national average, or below the national average," Kahn said.

Kahn says there are lots of thinks people in Louisiana can do to reduce their insurance rates and one of those things is making sure you have a good credit score. He says many people don't realize insurance companies do pull your credit report when setting your premium.

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