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Posted: Tuesday, 12 August 2014 6:10AM

In stores now: LSU Jell-O

LSU fans will be able to add a little something extra to their tailgate or football parties for the upcoming season...An LSU Jell-O mold. Emilie Fitch is the brand manager for Jell-O. She says these college team Jiggler kits are just another way fans can show how passionate they are about their team.

"Louisiana State University was chosen based on a combination of local retailer support and fan base," said Fitch.

Fitch says she realizes that people make Jell-O shots but they do not advocate that behavior or promote recipes that include alcohol.

She says the LSU Jiggler-Kit contains four Jell-O boxes.

"It's got two boxes of lemon Jell-O and two boxes of grape Jell-O," said Fitch. "There are also two mold trays, one with the LSU logo and one that says Tigers."

Fitch says the college Jiggler kit is available now at local retailers and they are going fast. She says you can also buy it online at Amazon.com.

Fitch says they are working toward marketing their brand to the young family.

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