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Posted: Sunday, 10 August 2014 6:15AM

Woman involved with LSU Alumni Association President calls for his resignation

The President of the LSU Alumni Association has decided to go on annual leave amidst a lawsuit claiming he paid a former female employee hush money.

Mary Olive Pierson says her client, Charlie Roberts, admits to having a sexual relationship with Kay Heath but didn't do anything unethical.
"He was in love with this lady and they were talking about getting married," said Pierson. "And she has turned this into a sex for money thing."
Health's attorney, Jeffry Sanford, says the two entered into a contractual financial agreement that was terminated by Roberts without notice in July.
"Payments began the day she quit and they've continued until last month when he just decided to quit paying," said Sanford.
The lawsuit alleges Roberts asked Heath to quit her job and promised to pay her money similar to her salary with the Association for the rest of her life.
Pierson says Roberts was completely shocked by all this and is taking time off work so that he's not distracted.
But Sanford calls it "paid leave" and says Health will completely drop the lawsuit if Roberts resigns or is fired because he is a continuing threat to all women at the LSU Alumni Association.
"Alumni Association money should not be used to protect Mr. Roberts actions in this case," said Sandford.
Pierson says Roberts is not going to respond to Health's threats but right now the focus is on winning the lawsuit.
"We're not going to do that by having him resign or get fired," said Pierson.

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