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Posted: Thursday, 07 August 2014 6:23AM

Using phones and other devices now illegal in school zones

As most kids head back to the classroom this week State Police is reminding motorists that cell phones are now banned, by law, in a school zone. Trooper Jared Sandifer says using your hand held cell phone at all in a school zone is now illegal.

"It's kind-of a common sense law but the reason it's out there is because we're talking about kids out there walking on the street," said Sandifer. "You should be paying full attention to driving."

Sandifer says the law prohibits the use of any wireless device for engaging in a voice call, accessing, reading or posting to a social media site and/or writing, sending or reading a text message. He says cops will be out enforcing this law.

"If a police officer sees somebody on their phone they will pull them over and issue a citation," said Sandifer.

Sandifer says a first violation of the cell phone school zone ban is a $175 fine and subsequent violations can be up to $500.

He says when you're having any type of interaction on your phone you may think that you're focused on the road but you're not.

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