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Posted: Thursday, 31 July 2014 3:03PM

Louisiana becomes a haven for Millennials

Louisiana has attracted and apparently nourished an emerging segment of the population called ''Millennials.''  The Census Bureau  has Louisiana  ranking number seven in the country for this important age group.

The age range is generally considered from about 14 up to 34.  Demographer Greg Rigamer says they really matter because these are the long term players in everything from consumer spending to the work force.

''When we talk about people in their early twenties to their mid thirties, we talk about people entering the job market, good earnings typically better educated.''
said Rigamer.

Listen to Greg Rigamer:

How did this group grow to big numbers in Louisiana, now an estimated 32 percent of the population?  Rigamer credits a good employment situation compared to the rest of the country.

''We attracted a lot of people down here who wanted to come and help with the recovery loved the place and stayed,'' said Rigamer.

Rigamer says politicians want them and Millennials tend to dominate social media, giving them even more power.

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