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Posted: Thursday, 31 July 2014 11:34AM

Coaches rank LSU #13, Alabama #2, FSU #1

The coaches poll published in USA Today this morning ranks the LSU Tigers are the 13th best team in college football.

Florida State is number one.

Alabama is ranked second.

Third is Oklahoma State, followed by Oregon (4th), Auburn (5th), Ohio State (6th), UCLA (7th), Michigan State (8th), South Carolina (9th), Baylor (10th), Stanford (11th) and Georgia (12th) ahead of LSU.

LSU opens the season playing 14th ranked Wisconsin.

No other Louisiana schools are in the top 25, but Louisiana-Lafayette did get 12 votes... which would rank the team at #40 if the poll went that far.

Other SEC teams in the poll:

#19 Mississippi
#20 Texas A&M
#24 Texas

Here is the full poll:

1     Florida State
2     Alabama
3     Oklahoma
4     Oregon
5     Auburn
6     Ohio State
7     UCLA
8     Michigan State
9     South Carolina
10     Baylor
11     Stanford
12     Georgia
13     LSU
14     Wisconsin
15     USC
16     Clemson
17     Notre Dame
18     Arizona State
19     Mississippi
20     Texas A&M
21     Kansas State
22     Nebraska
23     North Carolina
24     Texas
25     Washington

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