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Posted: Tuesday, 29 July 2014 6:20AM

Hot sauce sales are hot, and Louisiana benefits

As the spicy food trend spreads across the country, the hot sauce market is growing by leaps and bounds. 

Since 2000, the US hot sauce market has grown by 150 percent, according to a story by Atlantic Media's Quartz.
President and CEO of New Iberia-based Bruce Foods, Si Brown, says they have definitely noticed the trend.
"Hot sauce has just been a condiment that has excelled above others, in terms of customer appreciation.  And it fits right in with the trend of spicy food."
Bruce Foods, which produces Original Louisiana Hot Sauce, along with other Louisiana companies are profiting from the nation's growing appetite for heat.  Brown says his company has expanded distribution since the boom began.
"We've been in business for over 80 years, so our product has been in distribution coast-to-coast for many years, and internationally.  So, whereas we have had distribution, we have seen an increase in consumption."
Hot sauce sales have increased 6-percent annually for the past 10 years  according to the market research firm I-R-I.  Brown says hot sauce is becoming a condiment on par with mustard and ketchup.  He says hot sauce aficionados are even more determined about having the product than almost any other condiment.
"People have to have it.  And you can see in restaurants, sometimes, when maybe the bottle may not be on the table.  Consumers will stand up and walk over to a table where hot sauce is available and pick it up and go back to their table."
Photo credit Natalia Wilson via flickr

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