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Posted: Monday, 21 July 2014 6:55AM

Landrieu vs. Cassidy race to pick up speed

The three-day qualifying period for the November 4 election is now one month away. So far, the US Senate race between the incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu and Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy has been an extremely close one, according to most polls.

Wayne Parent, professor of political science at LSU, says the race could easily be a toss-up.

"Most outsiders see this in big terms, and in big terms this is the sixth year of an incumbent Democrat," said Parent. "Democrats shouldn't do well in the south, but Senator Landrieu is a strong candidate."

Parent says we can expect the strong campaigning really start to ramp up, with the ground work for both Landrieu's and Cassidy's platforms already laid out.

"Senator Landrieu is running on her track record, running on Louisiana," said Parent. "Congressman Cassidy is going to run on national politics and run on the Republican brand in the state, which is doing quite well."

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