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Posted: Thursday, 17 July 2014 7:50AM

Police: Bomb scare at UL-Lafayette a hoax

After a full day of investigation, Louisiana State Police determined the bomb scare at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus Wednesday was a hoax. The threat was called in to a local television station early in the morning.
State Police spokesperson Brooks David says technicians examined the suspicious device and rendered it safe.
"While they rendered it safe, they also noticed that it was packaged in a way that it was a hoax; however, whoever packaged it made it look like a real device," David said.
A second suspicious object was found on campus, but they determined it had nothing to do with the situation.  David says the investigation is definitely ongoing.
"The FBI, along with State Police, Lafayette Sheriff's Office, Lafayette PD, and UL PD is still on this case and they're not going to stop until they find out who did this," he said.
The UL-Lafayette campus is back to normal operations Thursday.
"Anybody who's, let's just use the word crazy enough to do this, and go through the time that it took this person to do this, could actually be a danger to society or himself," David said. "We take the safety of the public very seriously, so we want to get this guy, or guys, or female off the street."

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