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Move Over, Sharknado! Crocnado is on the Horizon!

Imagine this. You’re traveling down the Adelaide River in Australia. One of the biggest attractions on the cruise is an 80-year-old, 18-foot-long, three-legged crocodile named Brutus.

Crew members on the cruise feed him buffalo meat along the way, for which the cruisers are rewarded with Brutus leaping out of the water.

But on the way back on one particular cruise, the tourists noticed that Brutus still had something in his mouth, and a photographer on the boat caught Brutus snacking on a shark. (Check out the story and the pictures by clicking here.)

It was a bull shark – not unusual to see in the river, but pretty unusual to spot as a crocodile’s entrée.

Folks along the river say that Bruce lost his front leg to a shark, so maybe this was payback.

No matter what, here’s a note to the folks at the SyFy Channel. Crocodiles can live in the water and on land – makes them are far greater adversary for mankind when a funnel cloud pulls them out of the river and dumps them on Sydney.

I expect royalties, SyFy. Just sayin’…


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08/06/2014 8:48PM
Move Over, Sharknado! Crocnado is on the Horizon!
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