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Posted: Monday, 14 July 2014 7:06AM

Can you be friends with your ex?

Many may say after a breakup "Let's still be friends," but whether you're breaking up or being dumped, either way it can be a nightmare with lots of emotions, like pain, guilt, fear, rejection, remorse, pity and self loathing.  

An article in the Huffington Post suggests severing those ties. Author Phoebe Fox advises no calls with the ex, no emails, no texts, delete him or her from your social media and remove their contact info from your phone.   

WWL's Angela Hill, who was once married to another popular radio host, has a different take on the subject.  

"I definitely think you can be friends with your ex," she said. "I've lived it, and it works, but I understand that there are some circumstances where it's better to just close the door, but you're really kind of hoping that in the future you move on and each of you find happiness and whatever brought you together in the first place will bring you back."

Angela goes on to say if the core of your relationship is friendship, she says that just doesn't go away.

Her advice after a breakup: "If you can separate yourself, whatever your divorcing for, separate, move on, both of you, but try to remember that friendship that was there. If it works, it works and if it doesn't, hide the pictures, remember a nice wedding day and move on."

(image credit Alan Light via flickr.com)

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