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Posted: Friday, 11 July 2014 7:09AM

Jindal's office rejects BESE's Common Core compromise

The Common Core controversy is by no means over. Just when it looked like Louisiana's Board of Elementary and Secondary Education had hit upon a compromise, the governor's office responded with a big "no."

To try and satisfy Governor Jindal's executive order to cancel the contract for the Common Core standardized tests know as PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers), BESE said they would use questions from the LEAP test and a few from the PARCC test that Louisiana helped develop.
"We feel a need to move now and outline a clear path for our teachers, students and school systems," BESE president Chas Roemer said, "and not wait another week and perhaps not reach a solution in another week."
Roemer says the PARCC questions used on standardized tests next year will be ones that Louisiana helped develop. He says this allows the state to compare how its students are doing against others nationwide. 
But Jindal's Commissioner of Administration, Kristy Nichols, says because their contracts with the makers of LEAP have expired, there are too many questions.
"Were they developed in the past, did we pay for the development of any or all of the questions through prior invoices, and if so, how was that done?" asked Nichols. "I don't know the answer to that."
It's unclear what will happen, as there's still no standardized test in place for next school year, which begins next month. Nichols said the state should have planned for this.
"We should have been engaged in this planning for the 2015 school year months ago in order to meet the timeline for 2015," she said.
BESE thought it would be proceeding with the PARCC test until Gov. Jindal announced last month he would cancel the contract via executive order.

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