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Posted: Friday, 11 July 2014 6:24AM

Economy is top issue for Louisiana voters

A recent survey asked Louisiana voters what issue is most important in deciding how you will vote for Congress this year.  The survey, conducted by Harper Polling, shows the economy as the top issue for voters.
University of Louisiana Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says that result is not surprising.
"In most years, election years and otherwise, when you ask what people care about the most, they'll say the economy.  In this particular poll, something like 52% of the people mention, specifically, government spending, the economy, or jobs, economy related things as their top consideration."
Cross was surprised that Obamacare was listed as the number two concern for voters. He doesn't see Obamacare as a real issue in Louisiana by and large. With two contested congressional elections on the horizon, in the fifth and sixth districts, Cross doesn't see either issue playing very strongly in those races.
"I think those elections are going to be decided mostly about the demographic profiles of the voters, whether they're Republican or Democrat.   And then all the candidates, the candidates some of whom are yet to be decided who's going to run and who's not going to run, and the strength of those campaigns."
The poll surveyed 506 likely voters. They also asked voters if things in the country are going in the right direction. 66-percent of respondents feel the country is moving on the wrong track. Cross says sitting lawmakers should take heed.
"It doesn't look good for incumbents in Congress.  It doesn't look good for the President's party.  So Democrats should hunker down this election cycle because it's probably coming."

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