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Paul: Help in the fight against Chiari Malformation
What if you woke up each day not knowing if your body would function normally that day, or if you’d be hit with dizziness, debilitating headaches, muscle weakness or severe exhaustion? Chiari patients face these challenges daily.  Chiari Malformation is a serious neurological disorder where part of the brain descends out of the skull, putting painful and damaging pressure on the brain and spine.  Symptoms include severe headaches, neck pain, balance problems, weakness in the arms and legs, and respiratory problems. 300,000 people in the US are affected by this condition.

Maintaining very specific indoor air quality and climate conditions such as 72 degrees @ 50 % relative humidity can help folks remain comfortable while struggling with Chiari.  The challenge of achieving those indoor conditions with leaky dusty homes is large without creating additional building performance failures such as moisture saturation. The goals are to keep the outdoor hot humid conditions from entering into the cooler dryer indoor conditions; eliminate HVAC duct leakage; and properly sized HVAC equipment.

The Conquer Chiari Walk Across America is a series of local awareness and fundraising walks held across the country on the same day (September 20th, 2014). Join in Covington, LA on this special day and help the thousands of families struggling with this terrible disease!

All proceeds will be used to fund Chiari research, education and awareness programs. 

Participation is free. The deadline to guarantee a t-shirt has passed. However, additional shirts will be available on the day of the walk on a first come...first serve basis (with a minimum donation of $25.00). Registration is still open.  We ask that if you plan on attending a walk and have not registered, please pre-register at www.conquerchiari.org, so that our organizers can plan accordingly. You can also call or email our local contact below.

If you would like to be a corporate sponsor, donate an item to this local walk, or volunteer your time, please email or call Lisa Haley at (985) 264-9197 or larhaley@att.net.   
Hope to see you there!

Walk Details:

WHERE: Covington Trailhead  419 N. New Hampshire Street

WHEN: September 20th, 2014



CONTACT: Lisa Haley (985) 264-9197 larhaley@att.net  or pre-register at www.conquerchiari.org
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