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Posted: Friday, 04 July 2014 3:58PM

NOPD names suspect in Bourbon Street shooting

New Orleans Police have announced they have identified a suspect in the June 29th Bourbon Street shooting.

The NOPD says 20-year-old Trung T. Le (also known as "Joe") is believed to have been in involved in the incident that killed Brittany Thomas and injured nine others in the 700 block of Bourbon Street.

Police believe at least two suspects exchanged gunfire, wounding bystanders in the crowd, before fleeing the scene. Police believe Trung T. Le fired the first shot.

Trung Le is an Asian male from Belle Chasse, Louisiana. His birthdate is August 10, 1993.

In a statement from the NOPD, Superintendent Ronal Serpas said, "Now that Trung T. Le is publicly known to be wanted for this vicious crime, let me be perfectly clear. Any individual who harbors, conceals, or gives Trung T. Le assistance will be charged with being an Accessory After the Fact and potentially Obstruction of Justice. We know who Trung T. Le’s associates are. This is not a hollow statement. We have routinely charged individuals who give aid or assistance to fugitives and we will continue to do so."

Police obtained an arrest warrant for Le Friday morning, for one count of First Degree Murder in the death of Thomas, and nine counts of Attempted First Degree Murder.  

Serpas added, "Our Eighth District and Homicide Detectives have worked around the clock since this shooting incident took place and I am confident we will bring all of the perpetrators in this case to justice. I am thankful to local, state and regional law enforcement agencies that have assisted the NOPD and to the community for the numerous Crimestoppers tips we have received."

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