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Posted: Thursday, 03 July 2014 11:49AM

Edwin Edwards movie starring George Clooney?

Would you go see an Edwin Edwards movie? That actually might be happening according to his biographer Leo Honeycutt who recently left his job as communications director to Attorney General Buddy Caldwell. Honeycutt says he's pursuing other interests including the possibility of writing a movie script based on his Edwin Edwards biography.

"We are in negotiations but I can't say where from except that it is outside of Louisiana," said Honeycutt. "But this is really nothing new. We've already been approached at least a half a dozen times already since the book came out."

Honeycutt says even though people in Louisiana might be sick of hearing about "the modern day Robin Hood," there is a growing fascination with Edwards throughout the country.

He says people can't argue that there is no other politician ever who's had better one liners than the former Louisiana Governor.

"Who could have possibly come up with a better line than, 'My opponent is so slow it takes him an hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes,'" said Honeycutt. "Or, 'The only place that David Duke and I are alike is that we're both wizards under the sheets,' How many politicians around the country do you think could get away with lines like that and be elected?"

Honeycutt says people would be fascinated to hear about the life of a man who went from rags to riches as a sharecropper to governor's office four times then ends up in federal prison.

He says the idea is in it's very early stages and it could be years before such a film would hit theaters.

"My preference would be to pitch it to Baton Rouge Director Steven Soderbergh and maybe have George Clooney playing the part of Edwin Edwards," said Honeycutt. "Clooney could pull off that flippant sence of humor. That kind of devil-may-care attitude that is so thoroughly Edwin Edwards."

Photo credit Global Panorama via flickr

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