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Posted: Wednesday, 02 July 2014 6:14AM

Speed is a growing problem on Louisiana roads

A new study highlights some positive trends in road safety, but noted that speeding related deaths are actually on the rise.

The fight against drunk driving is paying dividends, but people are driving faster.
Louisiana has been seeing fewer automobile deaths related to impaired driving, but speeding related deaths are up seven percent according to a new study by the Governors Highway Safety Association.

Director of the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, Lt. Col. John Leblanc, says it's more difficult to control your vehicle at faster speeds.
"There's less reaction time when you're going faster, you can't slow down for obstacles on the road, or if you have to turn quickly," he insisted.
Leblanc says as a policeman the most common excuse he's heard is that drivers didn't know they were speeding or they were just trying to save time.
"There's no way that saving a few minutes by speeding is worth endangering your life or that of a passenger or of others on the road," the director said.
Speeding fines in Louisiana vary from parish to parish, but offenders can pay at least $100 for a first offense, plus court costs and potential insurance rate increases.

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