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Posted: Tuesday, 01 July 2014 7:12AM

Analysts say McAllister's chance of winning again is strong

Political circles throughout the state have been buzzing after Monday's announcement from US Representative Vance McAllister saying he's changed his course and has decided to seek re-election. The Swartz Congressman said he wouldn't run again after being involved in a kissing scandal.

"Everything about Representative McAllister's ascendancy and career has been atypical to the beat of his own drummer," says ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley. "The fact that he is reversing course after saying he'd not seek election...to seek election does not surprise me whatsoever."

The political newcomer won the 5th Congressional District seat in a special election last year on a family values campaign. Republican leaders in Louisiana called for McAllister's resignation after a video of him kissing a married woman at his office leaked earlier this year.

Stockley says the Congressman from Swartz has a good chance of winning.

"He is largely popular. Of course some voters will absolutely not select him again because of the infidelity," said Stockely. "However I believe most voters are going to ultimately vote for him."

Stockley says McAllister is well funded, popular, has strong name recognition and no other Republican has really come out in opposition to him. Governor Bobby Jindal says he's disappointed McAllister changed his mind.

Stockley says McAllister needs to be prepared to see that kissing video all over the place from those who oppose him.

"And it absolutely will be an issue but therein is the strategy that Representative McAllister will have to adhere to," said Stockley. "I'm calling it the Vitter strategy. He's addressed it once and he does not at all answer any other question about it from this point forward."

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