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Posted: Monday, 30 June 2014 2:15PM

Tourism Chief: Short term impact from Bourbon Street carnage

How will the Bourbon Street shooting impact tourism in New Orleans?  It's the kind of national headline that can make some people a little jittery, but the leader of Louisiana tourism, Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne, is expecting short term impact at worst.

The Lt. Governor is quick to point out how New Orleans has fought back from monumental challenges from multiple Hurricanes to the BP oil disaster.

''We hope and expect this year to be even better than the past two years which have been record setting,'' Dardenne went on to tell WWL's Garland Robinette.  ''I certainty don't expect to see conventions canceling for New Orleans.  People want to come to New Orleans, and they are going to continue to come to New Orleans.''

Dardenne fully expects the NOPD and state authorities to take care of business for the Essence Fest and the Fourth of July holiday.

"Crazy guys like this, who are going to do something like this, well it's impossible to prevent every act of crime as we all know,'' he insisted.

He does think beefed up police undercover work could certainty help.


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