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Posted: Tuesday, 24 June 2014 8:27AM

Edwards losing ground?

In a new poll conducted by JMC Analytics, former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards appears to be losing ground in the 6th Congressional District Race.  

While more than 40 percent remain undecided, analysts see a trend.

EWE consistently wins a runoff spot in all of the polls, but none shows him winning.

Jeremy Alford of Lapolitics.com says Edwards came in at 27 percent in a crowded field.

"That's down from a JMC April poll that had him at 32 percent," he noted.  "This is something to keep an eye on."

Alford says it's important to note that this survey was conducted for and paid for by the Paul Dietzel campaign which show him getting 12 percent, while state Senator Dan Claitor is at 7 percent.

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