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Posted: Friday, 13 June 2014 11:27AM

AUDIO: Drew Brees reflects on mini-camp, clears up Graham comments

On the final day of 2014 Saints mini-camp, QB Drew Brees gave an exclusive interview on Sports Talk, and fielded questions from Bobby and Deke about his impressions of the camp, clarified earlier statements he'd made about Jimmy Graham and more.

Were you able to accomplish what you wanted at mini-camp? 

"Yeah,we did, it was really productive. At mini-camp, you're able to practice a bit longer than at OTAs, so you can get more work done. The installs we were focusing on were Red Zone and two minutes and I felt like we had some great work there, some good installation on both offense and defense. It was very competitive as it awlays is with our group, obviously with guys fighting for positions, but we got a lot of great work done."

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From your eyes, what do you see changing on the defenseive side of the ball?

"There's a comfort level... they're one year into the system now, so its not completely new like it was last offseason. You always look at film from the season before, you look at the things you did really well, the things you want to work on. And maybe you went out and found something, or devised a new package according
to your personnel that now you can incorporate. Obviously our guys are excited about having a guy like Jairus Byrd on the seconary even if he hasnt been able to practice as of yet, and Champ Bailey as well."

"Some of the younger guys are just that much more veteran this year, and I think everyone is playing with a lot of confidence.  Defense definitely has a swagger to them and it makes them very compettive... they're constantly putting in more and more packages of personnel groups, so it gives us offensively a lot to think about and worry about, but at the end of the day, going up against that every day makes us much better as a group."

What about your comments that the Saints will be fine with or without Jimmy Graham?

"It's unfortunate that a writer has to use that headline, because obviously there's a big misperception there, they're just trying to get someone to read their article. The way the quesion was posed to me was 'do I have any worry about Jimmy and the contract situation,' and no, I don't. Not at all. Jimmy's going to be playing with us one way or another, whether it's the franchise tag or a long-term contract. Obviously we are a much better team with Jimmy Graham."  

To listen to the full interview, click the link below.

FULL AUDIO: Drew Brees talks to Bobby and Deke after mini-camp

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