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Posted: Thursday, 12 June 2014 8:52AM

Lawyer: Chalmette woman will sue after 2 wrongful arrests

A 28-year-old Louisiana woman was wrongly arrested twice by the Clay County Sheriff's Office in Florida and intends to sue.  Ashley Nicole Chiasson of Chalmette shares the first and last name of a woman wanted for grand theft and writing bad checks.
Chaisson's attorney Andrew Bonderud says the CCSO had precise details about the woman wanted for the crimes.
"Sometime between obtaining that accurate information and submitting an affidavit to obtain an arrest warrant, my client's information was substituted for the other Ashley Chiasson's information.  And so, a warrant was issued for my client's arrest."
Chiasson spent 28 days in jail in January and another week in jail last month. During the course of the ordeal, she lost her home.  A similar situation happened with the same sheriff's office last year with a 17-year-old young man.  Bonderud says there's obviously a lack of communication in the office.
"As I understand it, two totally separate groups of Clay County Sheriff's officers, who apparently don't talk with one another.  If the second group had only spoken with the first group of investigators, they would have learned that there was great progress being made towards my client's complete exoneration."
In a statement, Clay Country Sheriff Rick Beseler (above) has apologized to Chaisson and admitted that deputies used shortcuts in the investigation.  Bonderud has sent the sheriff's office a letter of intent to sue, as required by Florida law.  Bonderud says the whole experience has been incredibly taxing on Chiasson.
"She's having a real hard time recovering.  She's stressed out.  She's suffered financial losses.  She's having a hard time getting back on her feet."


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