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Posted: Tuesday, 10 June 2014 1:25PM

Report: Pet in the bed is bad for sleep quality

Many pet owners allow their pets, to sleep in the bed with them. 

According to new research at the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, 63 percent who had their pets in their beds had poor sleep quality because of it. 

Five percent said they always or almost always had trouble falling back to sleep after being disturbed by a pet. 

We posed the question to New Orleanians downtown. 

Does your pet give you a restless night of sleep?

"I'm happier when the cat's in the bed with me," one woman stated.  "The cat doesn't keep me awake, the snoring from my husband keeps me awake more than the cat.  I'd kick my husband out,"  she laughed. 

A doctor said you'd get a better night's rest if you kicked the pet out of the bed.  Would you?

"Yes, definitely," replied one woman.  "I need all the rest I can get." 

On the flip side some pet owners reported feeling comforted by the presence of their pets in the bed next to them. 

"I know I don't get as good of a night's sleep because my dog is a pillow hog," one man noted. 

"He (the pet) never would allow me to throw him out," another downtowner said.     

And some people noted if they kicked their pet out of the bed; their pet would just howl, meow or scratch at the door until they were let back into the bed.

Photo credit hillary h via flickr


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