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Posted: Monday, 09 June 2014 1:11PM

Buy a pie from an uninspected kitchen?

Would you buy a food product if you knew if was prepared in a kitchen that is not subject to health department investigation like other foods? 

You will soon get to make that decision.

Governor Jindal signed into law a measure that provides less government interference for those who sell goods like breads, pies and jams made in their own kitchen.

These individuals are now exempt from some state licensing standards.

Abita Springs Representative Scott Simon is the author of the new legislation.

"It just relieves some of the restrictions they had that were onerous, but were not enforced anyway," Simon said.
The new law does require a warning label on home based goods as a way of notifying the consumer a product was made in an uninspected kitchen.
Simon says under this new law, home based cooks are exempt from many sanitary codes and regulations if their gross annual sales are less than $20,000.
"Hopefully it encourages a lot of small businesses."

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