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Posted: Wednesday, 04 June 2014 6:01PM

Jindal disagrees with AG's opinion over levee lawsuit

Governor Bobby Jindal disagrees with Attorney General Buddy Caldwell's opinion that he should veto legislation that blocks a lawsuit filed by a southeast Louisiana levee board against oil and gas companies for damages to the state's coastline.

In a letter to the governor, Caldwell told Jindal that "no one can currently quantify or identify all of the causes of actions which will be swept away if this bill becomes law."

The A.G. said that the "vaguely broad" legislation has "the potential for an unintended effect on the State's, or a local governmental entity's claims against BP."

The governor reacted.

"It's our attorneys finding that the bill that passed will not do that," Jindal said. "It's obviously a state law. The claims are being filed under federal law."
Jindal made those comments earlier this week. And in a letter to Caldwell, Jindal's executive counsel, Thomas Enright, said this...
"This piece of legislation was fully debated, was the subject of intense media coverage throughout the session and now represents the Louisiana Legislature's intent to make absolutely clear the irresponsible lawsuits, such as the one filed by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East."
"As always we are satisfied that concerns expressed by your office are the same as the those offered by the opponents of the bill during the session and those concerns were properly considered and properly debated at length. We welcome your input and remain open to your suggestions if you believe this bill requires future amendment."
Many legal scholars say the levee lawsuit bill conflicts with the federal Oil Pollution Act, which provides guidelines for filing claims and lawsuits against oil companies for damages caused by spills.


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