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Posted: Friday, 30 May 2014 10:00PM

Q&A with SLU Coach after loss to LSU

Southeastern Head Coach Matt Riser

Opening Statement
“Overall, I thought we competed the way we were supposed to.  We went out there, we battled.  Obviously, we had the one inning that got away from us a little bit, but besides that… I’m proud of the kids.  They went out there and competed from pitch one to the last pitch.  Even the last at bat, we pulled a guy from the bench who hadn’t had an at-bat all day. He (Jesse Buratt) came in cold, but he came in ready to go.  He kept battling off pitches and battling off pitches, but obviously he ends it with a fly-out.  That just shows you the tenacity of our team.  It shows you the mental makeup of our team.  We’ve got a good bunch of tough kids.  They are going to continue to compete no matter what happens.  That one inning got away from us, but I’ve seen teams come back from it.  I’ve seen teams come back and win the tournament...  That was my challenge to them, what team are you going to be.  Are you going to continue to be the guys that we are at Southeastern and continue to mentally be tough and mentally to battle at each pitch, or are you going to fold up?  I think our guys are going to rise to the challenge.”

On moving from this game to the next game…
“It starts right there with the meeting after the game.  We go right into it, and we talk about it.  We say it’s a tough loss, and we had them on the ropes there until late. We just have to do a good job of flushing.  That’s the game of baseball.  The beauty of the game of baseball is that we get to go back out there again tomorrow and play some more.  It’s not over yet, and that’s what we keep telling our guys.  It starts from now.  As soon as you get on that bus, you have to flush it.  You have to learn from your mistakes, move on from it and also take the good out of the game.  Like I said, the best part for me, I saw our guys compete and continue to battle.  If they continue to do that part, we will be ok.”

On the game overall … 
"We’ve gone over this a thousand times in drills. At the end of the day, it’s baseball.  They are 18 to 22 year old guys that go out there and compete.  Sometimes you don’t get the bounce, and sometimes you do.  You have to tip your hat to LSU.  They did a good job.  Tyler Moore did a good job with two strikes of just poking one there in the gap to tie it up (during the 7th inning).  That was kind of their MO all day.  They just kept getting tough at bat and made their breaks today.” 

On the pick-off play at first base in the 8th inning …
"Just a regular pick-off move to first, just trying to check on the hit and run there.  Obviously, it was in the back of his (Dylan Hills) mind that we’d do it. But at the end of the day, we just didn’t execute it.  It’s really simple, and that’s the way it goes sometimes.” 

On how the results would be different if it was an error free game…
“Yeah, but usually that’s how it is in the game of baseball.  If you play clean baseball, play fundamental baseball, you do get the win.  If you look at the two runs they scored to tie it up, there was a hit-by-pitch and a walk.  Then obviously the two runs to go-ahead, we threw the ball down the line. Then on the infield single, we threw another ball away.  So nine times out of 10 in the game of baseball, that’s why we preach fundamentals.  We preach it to our guys in practice day-in and day-out.  We did it all week this week as well.  At the end of the day, just one inning got us.”

Southeastern Louisiana 1B Sam Robertson

On his 2-for-4 day at the plate …
“I was trying to get a good ball to hit and be a little patient, not try to do a little too much. Luckily, I got two good pitches two hit and capitalized. Their pitchers did very well and hit their spots. I just got two good pitches to hit and capitalized.”

On his home run in the sixth inning …
“That at bat was one of the biggest in the game for our team, I believe… I was just ready for the walk or the hit or whatever would happen after that because he’s (LSU pitcher Jared Poche`) is very good at keeping that behind them and coming though whenever something like that happens. So I was already ready, ready for something good to happen for us. Once I got into that situation and saw him (Daniel Midyett) take second (on a stolen base), I was thinking a single would get him in. Luckily, I good barrel on it, got underneath it and it just went.”

On limiting errors…
“It’s disappointing for sure, but our big thing is eliminate the big inning. It didn’t happen today. It just shows that whenever that happens, it kind of bites you in the butt. But we have to move on and take tomorrow on. Take it inning-by-inning, get three outs as fast as possible and score some runs.”

Southeastern Louisiana P Andro Cutura

On his outing today…
“I didn’t get too many three up, three down innings. They did a good job of hitting, and I had to work from behind a lot. I think our defense did a good job of making plays, and we battled through a lot of adversity through the game. I think we did a decent job. We had that one inning where we let it slip. Other than that, we did a good job of battling and facing adversity.”

On his will to battle through adversity…
“This is my first time playing here, and I think I had a little bit of jitters in the beginning. I think I got through that pretty quickly. I fell behind in a lot of counts, and they got a lot of hits. I basically had to battle the whole time and try to make pitch for pitch in big situations. I was able to do that for most of the game but a couple slipped away.”

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