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Posted: Friday, 30 May 2014 2:12PM

Louisiana to allow silent shooters

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has signed a measure allowing hunters to use silencers on their guns for recreational hunting.

When it comes to guns with silencers most of us think of mobsters or spies in the movies, but these are being called "sound suppression devices."

State Representative Cameron Henry (R-Metairie) says we are really playing catch up.

''There are about 39 other states that currently have it, so we're not breaking any new ground here,'' said Henry.

There are benefits, according to Sons of Guns TV star Joe Meaux. Meaus says silencers reduce the recoil on a gun.

''It's easier for the firearm to be shot, so you're more likely to have a safe and humane kills on any game animals,'' Meaux explained.

It's also going to be softer on the ears, he says, and there will be fewer noise complaints from the shots fired.

Authorities note that to buy one, people will be subjected to both state and federal background checks, plus an examination by the FBI and a waiting period.

The silencers can be used legally starting August 1.

(image credit Wapster via Creative Commons/flickr.com)

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