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Posted: Friday, 30 May 2014 2:04PM

Group elated about sweeping anti-domestic violence package

The Louisiana Coalition United Against Domestic Abuse says it is thrilled after what they call a history-making package of bills aimed at stopping domestic violence passed the Louisiana Legislature. Spokeswoman Kim Sport says these laws make up the most aggressive ever introduced by the state legislature to address the growing problem.

"This covered everything from getting an immediate divorce to taking firearms away from people convicted of domestic abuse battery," said Sport.

Sport said Louisiana has led the nation in domestic homicides since 1997 and the passage of these bills represents a solid victory for the families who have fallen victim to these horrible situations.

She says the state law prohibiting someone under a protective order from having gun is one that will have an immediate impact.

"Having a firearm makes it so easy to kill someone in that moment where they realize they're gonna lose control over this person and the only way that they can maintain control is not only to kill the woman but to kill himself also," said Sport.

Sport says the committee meetings were packed with people holding up masks with the faces of those women lost to domestic violence. She says the fact that they were able to pass every one of these bills at every committee and on both floors is miraculous.

"And I think it just spoke so well about a legislature that can work together when there's an issue that becomes a priority for everyone," says Sport. "And as Senator Morrell said yesterday, the issue really is 'Why did it take us so long?'"


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