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Posted: Wednesday, 28 May 2014 10:06AM

A study finds old age now starts later

According to a British study most people now believe old age begins at 80 years old.  

And it's quite different from an earlier study done not long ago, that revealed that most people defined old age as starting at 68. 

We asked people in downtown New Orleans, "What do you consider old age?"

"Me," replied one man. 

"90," said another. 

"Old age is a state of mind," one man noted. 

"It's whatever you feel, how you feel," said a woman "I have met people 80 years old, and they act younger than me."

"75," was the response from one lady. 

"When you can't do for yourself anymore, that's what I call old," noted one man. 

"Maybe a hundred, because I'm 66," a woman insisted. 

"20 years older than I am right now," replied another.  She wouldn't give us her current age, laughing as she walked away.

Those behind the study say the change in attitude is due in large part to delaying retirements, and more active lifestyles. 

Photo credit torbakhopper via flickr

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