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Posted: Tuesday, 27 May 2014 12:56PM

Defense lawyer: hold parents and guardians accountable

After a blood holiday weekend in New Orleans, once again people are looking for answers and a way to stop the violence.

Top defense attorney Robert Jenkins says juvenile rehabilitation doesn't work and he wants tougher action on the parents and guardians.

With his many years of experience in the courtroom, Jenkins says these young criminals are doing whatever they want, while the parents do nothing.

''They continue to allow things like this to happen, to break curfew, to bring guns and drugs in to their homes with no retribution, nothing," Jenkins told WWL First News.

Jenkins says we must punish these do nothing parents by taking away their public assistance and housing vouchers, which he says has been done before.

''It seems to be the best way to do it and we can do it,  it's got to be harsh and quick and I promise you it will work very quickly,'' said Jenkins.

He also says that juvenile rehabilitation is a failure and it's time to get much tougher on these young crooks who continue to terrorize New Orleans.

Click here to listen to Robert Jekins' interview with WWL's Tommy Tucker.

(image credit Robert Nelson via flickr.com)

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